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THE BLOCK 2021 – Laundry, hallway and powder room reveal - featured image

THE BLOCK 2021 – Laundry, hallway and powder room reveal

They don't call it 'hell week' for nothing, this week seemed to have packed in more than anyone could handle.

There were plenty of spectacular moments to get excited about with glorious artworks and architectural gems.

Room reveal:

Ronnie and Georgia – House 1

Featuring a classic hallway soaking in natural light thanks to a string of Velux skylights, a gorgeous console table, an arch mirror, hallway runner rug, and three stunning commissioned Australian artworks.

The second hallway featured a beautiful steel-framed door separating the living area from the bedrooms.

Their laundry is the epitome of understated luxury, with plenty of storage and style.

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Ronniegeorgia Hallway

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Ronniegeorgia Bedroom Hallway

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Ronniegeorgia Laundry W Storage

Mitch and Mark – House 2

While there was n grand entrance to their home, Mitch and Mark created a stunning and curated space, with beautifully chosen artworks.

Their laundry was beautiful, featuring a mudroom with additional storage and garage access.

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Mitchmark Small Hallway

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Mitchmark Painting

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Mitchmark Laundry Bench

Tanya and Vito – House 3

Staying true to their eclectic style, the couple presented a hallway lined up with bright and bold artwork, as well as functional study space with another unique built-in shelving unit and desk.

Their powder room and laundry continued their quirky style with pinks accents and interesting choice of art.

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Tanyavito Black Framed Door

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Tanyavito Hallway

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Tanyavito Laundry

Josh and Luke – House 4

It's a hard one to judge because the boys did not finish the space.

However, it has t be said, that their laundry is classic, modern and stylish.

Featuring beautiful monochromatic accents, plenty of storage, and a lovely finish that ties in with their style.

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Joshluke Hallway With Art

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Joshluke Hallway

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Joshluke Laundry Space

Kirsty and Jesse – House 5

The couple is really tying together what can be described as the ideal country-Hamptons home.

Featuring arched doorways, traditional wainscotting, and light timber flooring, it’s well-executed and inviting.

Their full-blown bathroom is classic and timeless, and a very smart addition to such a big house.

The laundry is absolutely gorgeous, featuring stunning navy cabinets with brass inserts blue gingham wallpaper, and plenty of storage.

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Kirstyjesse Mudroom

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Kirstyjesse Shower

Theblock2021 Wk9 Hallwaylaundrypowder Kirstyjesse Cabinetry

Photo Source: Pinterest

Coming up next week: Backyard reveals


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