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THE BLOCK 2021: Basement reveals - featured image

THE BLOCK 2021: Basement reveals

This week featured rooms we’ve not seen before on 17 seasons of The Block - basement week!

Most of the teams decided to go for a home cinema room, but Mitch and Mark thought an at-home day spa was much more their style.

As always there was plenty of drama, in short, 2 of the teams got their hands on a photo of the production schedule.

Meaning they knew which rooms would be up next, and when the challenges were, meaning they could better plan and order their supplies - definitely an unfair advantage.

But far more interesting were the designs.

Room reveal:

Ronnie and Georgia – House 1

Ronnie and Georiga created a luxurious cinema room set a sky-high standard with its magical star-covered ceiling.

Featuring plush wall and floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains, comfy and stylish lounges huge screen, state-of-the-art sound system, dimmable lights, strip LED lights and sound insulation.

Theblock2021 Wk4 Basement Ronniegeorgia Homecinema

Mitch and Mark – House 2

Unlike the other 4 houses, Mitch and Mark created a day-spa steam room.

Featuring underfloor heating, soft lighting, a full steam facility, and steam-proof speakers.

Theblock2021 Wk4 Basement Mitchmark Steam Shower

Tanya and Vito – House 3

The couple created a full cinematic expereicne.

Featuring luxurious electric recliners complete with side tables, blue led strip lighting, huge-screen and ceiling to floor boucle curtains

Theblock2021 Wk4 Basement Tanyavito Homecinema

Josh and Luke – House 4

While the room is smaller, it literally looked like the movie cinemas.

The cinema seating they chose looks comfy but not as stylish or luxe as we’ve come to expect on The Block.

The drinks and snack station was a fun addition, and we liked that they included some shelving for memorabilia and additional storage.

Theblock2021 Wk4 Basement Joshluke Cinemaspace

Kirsty and Jesse – House 5

The feel here was classic Hollywood featuring the latest technology, with a few retro touches

The space was beautifully done and there were some lovely touches like the fan wall sconces, comfortable recliner,s and art work.

Theblock2021 Wk4 Basement Kirstyjesse Athomecinema

Photo Source: Pinterest

Coming up next week: Final bathroom week

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