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THE BLOCK 2021: Garage, study and wine cellar week reveal - featured image

THE BLOCK 2021: Garage, study and wine cellar week reveal

As we near the end, this week was the final touch of the five very different but glamorous houses. 

From garages to incredible wine cellars, the contestants put the final touches on the inside of their homes.

Room reveal:

Ronnie and Georgia – House 1

Ronnie and Georgia created a stylish and practical garage, as well as a lovely study space, overlooking their beautiful backyard.

But the couple's pièce de résistance this week was definitely their incredible spiral staircase, that led to the wine cellar, which featured a beautiful fitted-out complete with sink, wine storage, and fridge, seating around a butcher's block table and another powder room.

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Ronniegeorgia Garage

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Ronniegeorgia Office View

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Ronniegeorgia Staircase From Basement

Mitch and Mark – House 2

Mitch and Mark created a very simple and basic garage and a home office with room for 2, fitted into ‘stolen space’ above the garage,  which was a clever use of space.

Their wine cellar was a combination of a wine room and a home cinema lounge, a different vibe to a classic cellar, but a lovely addition to a family home.

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Mitchmark Garage With Car

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Mitchmark Office

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Mitchmark Wine Room Lounge

Tanya and Vito – House 3

Tanya and Vito's garage stood out with their choice of a horizontal opening teal green garage door while keeping the inside of the garage simple.

Downstairs they created a basement games room, with a stylish wine fridge, and bar area featuring classic arcade amusement games.

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Tanyavito Garage Space

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Tanyavito Basement Wine Room

Josh and Luke – House 4

The boys were in a world of pain this week with several issues in their way.

Nonetheless, their garage featured polished floors and a mural featuring race tracks of the world.

The study/additional bedroom, while incomplete did showcase a lovely colour palette, perhaps just needing a rethink on the layout.

Their bar showcased some wonderful artwork, again though needing a little more thought and character.

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Joshluke Mural In Garage

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Joshluke Study

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Joshluke Home Cinema And Bar

Kirsty and Jesse – House 5

Kirsty and Jesse produced some truly beautiful spaces this week, with their garage being simple but well executed with plenty of storage, and their at-home office definitely showcasing a Hampton vibe.

The showstoppers in their wine cellar were those Gaggenau wine fridges, which Kirsty and Jesse received thanks to winning kitchen week, absolutely stunning and definitely a wow factor adding plenty of value to their home.

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Kirstyjesse Garage Wall

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Kirstyjesse Study Sapce

Theblock2021 Wk10 Garagestudywine Kirstyjesse Basement Wine Cellar

Photo Source: Pinterest

Coming up next week: Wine Cellars and rest of the house.


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