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THE BLOCK 2021: Final bedroom reveal - featured image

THE BLOCK 2021: Final bedroom reveal

For their final bedroom reveals the contestants created some incredible kids and guest rooms.

Each of the rooms represented a unique approach to kids and guest rooms, with some incredible styling techniques.

Room reveal:

Ronnie and Georgia – House 1

The couple created a beautiful room that was simple yet elegant and refined in its style.

Light and fresh with the colour pallet, ssome of the room features included contemporary Grafico wallpaper and lovely contrasting cushions.

H1 Rm6 Bedroom Ronnie Georgia 023


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Mitch and Mark – House 2

The first kids' room reveal featured a pop of pistachio green on the wardrobe doors, cool bed, and fun little touches, fit for a very playful kid,

The room could also easily be converted to an older child’s room or even an office, which would appeal to a bigger selling audience come auction day.

H2 Rm6 Bedroom Mitch Mark 011

Tanya and Vito – House 3

The couple very much assigned this as a kids' room, featuring a built-in bunk bed, which could not be altered.

The room's main feature is the terrazzo wallpaper, which adds a fun element to the room, and gives it something different than a traditional style.

H3 Rm6 Bedroom Tanya Vito 010

Josh and Luke – House 4

The room that left the judges confused can be described as a mishmash of elements.

While the scallop wall panelling and window seat had potential, the room overall felt cold and in need of a little more colour and cohesiveness.

H4 Rm6 Bedroom Josh Luke 007

Kirsty and Jesse – House 5

Keeping with the Hamptons vibe, Kirsty and Jesse created a beautiful and sweet girl's room.

Featuring Grafico wallpaper and a lovely colour pallet - while at the same time making it easy to convert the room based on the taste and need of the buyer.

H5 Rm6 Bedroom Kirsty Jesse 011

Photo Source: Pinterest

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