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The Block 2020 | Master Ensuite week reveal - featured image

The Block 2020 | Master Ensuite week reveal

Despite a domino effect of challenges, this week saw the contestants create some truly stunning bathrooms, with each team bringing a piece of styling magic.

Each house had something to love, which was rightly reflected in the all-round high scores from the judges.

Style Highlights

In house 1, Harry and Tash created a three tile bathroom with dark green, terrazzo, and white, which may seem like a risk but it worked beautifully - the green tile is particular was stunning.

Their bath selection was a huge hit, giving their bathroom the perfect mix of luxury to suit the 1920s theme.

Rm4 Ensuite Harry Tash 014

In house 2, George and Sarah created a beautiful colour pallet with soft pink and grey tones, with the addition of some gorgeous monochrome touches.

In total there were four tile choices, which is hard to pull off - but it worked perfectly.

Rm4 Ensuite Sarah George 018

In house 3, Daniel and Jade created the perfect nod to the 1930s.

The glamorous bath was a huge success, and the Velux skylight gave the bathroom an extra sense of glamour.

Rm4 Ensuite Daniel Jade 017

In house 4 Luke and Jasmin created a beautiful Master Ensuite, featuring a stunning curved wall, white tiles, and circular skylight.

The black bath was a perfect complement within the soft color platter and it was a stunning feature piece.

Rm4 Ensuite Luke Jasmin 017

In house 5, Jimmy and Tam created the perfect pink statement with their Master Ensuite.

Their vanity and everything around it was a stunning choice, with nude coloured basins that were a hit with the judges.

Rm4 Ensuite Jimmy Tam 023

Still ahead …

Next week is all about the Master En Suite – which no doubt will have some stunning style highlights.

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