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The Block 2020 | Master Bedroom week reveal - featured image

The Block 2020 | Master Bedroom week reveal

A master bedroom should be tranquil, calming, and stylish. 

In theory, creating a bedroom doesn’t seem so hard – after all, it’s just a bit of wall paint and cushions, right?


A master bedroom takes a lot of work, particularly when it comes to The Block – it must be the perfect combination of stylish, luxurious, and functional -  not to mention fitting for the era of each house and the Brighton postcode.

Style Highlights

In house 1, Harry and Tash won the week by creating a light, grand and glamorous room, featuring the most beautiful Grafico wallpaper and mirrored TV.

The skylights gave the room a sense of grandeur, which you would expect from a Brighton home.

The Block 2020 Week 3 Master Bedroom Harry And Tash Full View

In house 2, George and Sarah created an eclectic and glamorous room, featuring some truly bold colours and choices.

The highlight of the room was the beautifully restored ceiling rose, which paid homage to its era, while still feeling appropriate for a house in 2020.

The Block 2020 Week 3 Master Bedroom George And Sarah Bed

In house 3, Daniel and Jade created a room that was described as pure Hollywood.

The cabinet in the room was simply stunning, as well as the floral arrangement, which really gave the room a luxurious feel.

The colour palette of deep blue and brassy-bronze tones worked beautifully to create a glamourous style.

The Block 2020 Week 3 Master Bedroom Daniel And Jade Full View

In house 4  Luke and Jasmin found the perfect balance between modern and 1910s to create a beachy, coastal Federation style home.

The bay windows and window seat were definitely a style highlight, that gave the room not only luxury but a 'homely' feel.

The Block 2020 Week 3 Master Bedroom Luke And Jasmin Main View

In house 5, Jimmy and Tam created a stunning bedroom that was light, fresh and luxurious - with a gorgeous colour pallet.

The style highlights were without a doubt the floor to ceiling fireplace, chimney and Palm Springs bed.

The Block 2020 Week 3 Master Bedroom Jimmy And Tam Full View

Still ahead …

Next week is all about the Master En Suite – which no doubt will have some stunning style highlights.

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