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The Block 2020 | Guest bedroom week reveal - featured image

The Block 2020 | Guest bedroom week reveal

Welcome to Brighton!

The 2020 series of The Block kicked off with guest bedroom week, showcasing 4 bedrooms in 4 different era themes.

The ‘guest room’ reveals had it all from the bland to the bold and the beautiful.

With some really missing the mark, while others left interior lovers wanting more.

Styling highlights …

In house 5 which comes from the 1950s, Jimmy and Tam created a beautiful and light space, which embodied the beach vibes of the suburb while still maintaining a lux feel.

The use of skylights was defining a winning decision, as well the secret door to their guest ensuite bathroom.

The recessed curtain track and internal timber joinery in the wardrobes were a beautiful touch, and the colour pallet was simply stunning.

The Block 2020 Week 1 Guest Bedroom Jimmy And Tam Full View

In house 3 which comes from the 1930s, Daniel and Jade created a beautiful and luxurious room with a stunning colour pallet that really works with the bayside market.

Their use of shutters was gorgeous and the extra armchair was a great touch.

The Block 2020 Week 1 Guest Bedroom Daniel And Jade Bed

In house 2 which comes from the 1940s, George and Sarah created a lux space, very fitting for Brighton.

Their use of pale greys and burnt oranges was a stunning colour choice, as well as the beautiful curtain rods and wardrobe door handles.

The Block 2020 Week 1 Guest Bedroom George And Sarah With Artwork

In house 1 which comes from the 1920s, Harry and Tash created a truly luxurious room, with a beautiful art deco furniture.

The raised ceilings and skylights were definitely a highlight, giving the room a grand feel.

The Block 2020 Week 1 Guest Bedroom Harry And Tash Room With Skylight

In house 4 which comes from the 1910s, Luke and Jasmin created a modern room with a lovely colour pallet.

While it didn't quite match the 1910s brief the finishes and choice of artwork were stunning.

The Block 2020 Week 1 Guest Bedroom Luke And Jasmin Bed

Still ahead …

Next week is all about the Guest Ensuite - which no doubt will have some stunning style highlights.

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