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The Block 2020 | Front Garden Reveal - featured image

The Block 2020 | Front Garden Reveal

They say you only get one chance for a first impression, and nothing could be more true for The Block’s five houses. 

It's been an amazing journey seeing these beautiful houses slowly come together peace by peace, room by room.

With each team’s style being quite different, it was interesting to see what the front of their houses would look like, and would it be consistent with the rest of the home.

Style Highlights

In house 1, Harry and Tash created a stunning classic front garden.

The white bricks of the steps and the archway are absolutely stunning and greenery gives an immediate feeling of home.

The plants were beautiful and added a luscious element to the entrance.

Rm10 Front Garden Harry Tash 013

In house 2, George and Sarah had a simple and elegant front garden and facade.

The famous Dave Franklin and his team landscaped the garden beautifully, including a gorgeous 200-year-old grass tree that Sarah named Lola.

The coloured bricks was a unique touch and worked perfectly.

Rm10 Front Garden Sarah George 051

In house 3, Daniel and Jade had the biggest facade on The Block and they made it work beautifully.

The traditional plants were very fitting, and the decking to the entrance of the house made for the perfect entrance.

The Monochrome theme of the house was visually stunning and worked beautifully with the lemon tree on the front deck.

Rm10 Front Garden Daniel Jade 018

In house 4 Luke and Jasmin continued with their house of curved theme, with a very unique curved chair to the left of the entrance

The trees at the front of the house were a beautiful selection, and will also grow and come together and provide privacy from New st.

Rm10 Front Garden Luke Jasmin 015

In house 5, Jimmy and Tam delivered a unique front 'garden', which continued their Palm Springs.

While the low maintenance garden, featuring no lawn but stone, fits the Palm Springs style, it's uncertain how it will be received in a very classic Brighton family market.

Rm10 Front Garden Jimmy Tam 015

Photo Source: Pinterest

Still to come …

Garages and studios

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