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The Block 2019 | Master ensuite reveal - featured image

The Block 2019 | Master ensuite reveal

There seems to be no shortage of surprises on THE BLOCK this year.

This week saw the contestants create some truly stunning bathrooms, with one team event adding a kitchen ...

But despite all dramas and plan changes, there was a lot to love.

Styling highlights

One again the winners for me this week were Tess and Luke, who created a truly stunning bathroom.

The big showstopper here has to be the terrazzo flooring, which despite its colour is still quite warm, rich and lush.

I loved the warm-toned towels which really balance out the room and the two dark grey sinks that complemented gorgeous navy blue cabinetry.

And of course the large free-standing bath is just dreamy  - situated perfectly or the size of the space and is the perfect shape structure.

Wk6 Bathroom Tess Luke 15

The next standout for me came from Jess and Mel, who created a very luxurious 'hotel vibe' bathroom.

The space itself feels quite effortless, light and elegant, largely thanks to the gorgeous large-scale wall and floor marble tiling.

The freestanding tub is absolutely stunning, dark cabinetry with chrome fixtures and fittings,

Wk6 Bathroom Jesse Mel 26 850x567

Deb and Andy created a beautiful warm 'coastal luxe' bathroom.

Their use warm, textural and organic pieces worked beautifully in this bathroom.

The timber vanity works beautifully with the section of brass tapware giving the room a real sense of warmth.

And of course, the amazing water feature into the free-standing bath adds that little 'wow' factor you would expect on The Block.

Wk6 Bathroom Deb Andy 18

Finally Matt and Elise's monochrome themed bathroom had a lot to love.

The standout here had to the Ventian plaster, which is simply stunning and gives the room 'luxurious spa' feel.

The Black vanity and tapware give the room a high end feel along with the enormous double shower.

Wk6 Bathroom Elise Matt 38 850x567

Still ahead ...

They say Kitchens sell houses - making next week very exciting.

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