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The Block 2019 | Bedroom reveal - featured image

The Block 2019 | Bedroom reveal

Whether it's a guest room or a room for the owners -  it has to be the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation

And if it’s a room on THE BLOCK there must some amazing styling involved.

This week the contestants were joined by the of the most memorable all-stars to produce some incredible and stylish bedrooms.

Style Highlights ...

The winners for me this week were Tess and Luke, who had teamed up with Josh and Elyse, and created a beautiful, warm and stylish room.

The hero of the room was without a doubt the stunning wooden feature wall, I love how the pendants about the bed elevated the warm of the wood making that alone a stroke of genius.

The bed is dressed beautifully in the perfect symphony of colours and textures featuring blush pinks and greys, and the choice of artwork was pure genius - simple, chic and stylish.

Wk5 Bedroom Tess Luke 33 850x567

My other favourite for the week was from Elise and Matt who teamed up with Ronnie and Georgia to create a second master bedroom.

Immediately the eye is drawn to the stunning artwork - which acts as the feature wall.

Colours from the artwork have been taken as the colour pallet of burgundy, greys, and greens - and featured it in the wedding and the throughout the room.

Wk5 Bedroom Elise Matt 24 850x567

Finally the Deb and Andy, who won the room reveal this week - created a beautiful and romantic space.

The subtle wallpaper is stunning and such a lovely feature in itself.

I love the white cabinetry, subtle and stylish - as well as the plants which give the room a fresh and relaxing vibe.

Wk5 Bedroom Deb Andy 16 850x567

Still ahead …

Next week is set to be

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