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The Block 2018 | Second guest bedroom reveal - featured image

The Block 2018 | Second guest bedroom reveal

The finishing line is officially in sight - the guest bedrooms marked the last (inside) room of The Block.

As the contestants (along with the rest of us) hold their breath for what looks like be extraordinary terrace week - this week delivered plenty of restraint, beautiful styling and a couple of rooms fit for even the most lavish guest.

Style highlights ...

It should come as no surprise that the two penthouses were my absolute favourite, as they consistently have been throughout the competition.  Rm 8 Bedroom Bianca Carla 17

Let's start with the girls, Bianca and Carla, who created a beautiful light modern space that showcased their ability to create luxury through gorgeous textures and paired back styling.

I absolutely loved the leather bedhead and timber bedside table, which is an element that has flowed throughout their apartment, as well as those signature black drapes.

The black and white artwork works beautifully in this room, simple, modern and with just enough personality.

Finally the white cabinetry with a brass trim and timber lining added so much style and luxury to the room, and the addition of a custom-designed study nook with built-in cabinetry was a genius touch that would appeal to many buyers.

Rm 8 Bedroom Jess Norm 7

In the second penthouse apartment, Jess and Norm used the art of 'minimal styling' to create a room that was grand and luxurious.

While I completely agree that they should of had bedside lighting - there was still plenty to love in this room.

For starters I love the colour pallet, despite it really just being grey, they managed to find enough shades to keep the room light and zen, paired with their signature white diaphanous curtain and the stunning artwork - which continues to add the 'soft element' with the touches of blush pink.

Their custom cabinetry with the shaker door profile is absolutely stunning and works beautifully with the space, and the white occasional chair just adds the little touch of lux.

Still to come...

The final touch is just around the corner - and terrace will is set to be just as dramatic in the build as it is in the delivery.

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