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The Block 2018 | Master Bedroom week reveal - featured image

The Block 2018 | Master Bedroom week reveal

A master bedroom should be tranquil, calming and an escape after a long day. Rm4 Master Bianca Carla 16

In theory creating a bedroom doesn’t seem so hard – after all it’s just a bit of wall paint and cushions, right?


A master bedroom takes a lot of work, particularly when it comes to The Block – it must be the perfect combination of stylish, luxurious and functional, not to mention fitting for the St Kilda surroundings.

So who soared?

Style highlights

Despite the judges scores I have to say the standouts for me were the two penthouses. Rm4 Master Bianca Carla 19

Bianca and Carla’s room had luxury written all over it – with a rich colour pallet and an amazing combination of textures.

The television/artwork I thought was genius, a subtle and beautiful feature that would appeal to various buyers.

While the judges felt that the room was too ‘masculine’, I have to disagree, there is definitely a balance with hints of pinks and whites that give the room of sense of balance.  Rm4 Master Bianca Carla 24

The use of timber, particularly in their bedside table, added a lovely softness to this room, while the feature wall behind the bed was a style standout.

Once again this is St Kilda at its best – modern, luxurious but also a little relaxed.

Following from their room, the walk-in wardrobe just elevated the luxurious feel even more.

I love the gold touch on all the cabinetry – it all worked beautifully together and was the perfect fit with last week’s en - suite.

Rm4 Master Norm Jess 13

Despite being criticised by two of the judges, I think Jess and Norm's room has a great deal to love, the amount of natural light alone gives it a grand feel.

For starters the colour palette, which not typical whatsoever, works beautifully and is elevated even more with all the textures on the bed.

The gold tones are picked up so well by the stunning sconces, which are the perfect combination of modern and a little Art Deco.

While they probably could have added a rug underneath the bed, I think the room as whole feels very light and relaxing - while maintaining a sense of  Rm4 Master Norm Jess 32luxury.

Stepping into the walk in wardrobe, there's even more to be excited about.

While most contestants opted for dark cabinetry, I love that the wardrobe continued that bright light feeling from the bedroom, with a lighter colour choice.

Even the simple addition of the velvet blue chair and addition of a small study nook, creates a sense of symbiosis to the rest of the room, giving it an ever grander feeling.

And finally, the winner - coming from the very bottom to the very top this week according to the judges were Hayden and Sara. Rm4 Master Hayden Sara 6

There are a lot of lovely elements to this room - the soft touches of pink combines with the rich royal blue are beautiful, a classic combination that works really well.

The bed head is beautiful, and really works with the overall art-deco feel that they are aiming for throughout the apartment.

The white draping is great to break up all the darkness and really adds that bit of light that the room needs, as well as blush tones artwork which plays with colours from the bed.

Still ahead ...

With living spaces coming up - there's sure to be plenty of dramas and style.

Watch this space …

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