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The Block 2018 | Hallway, Laundry, Powder Room reveal - featured image

The Block 2018 | Hallway, Laundry, Powder Room reveal

If you think about a home as a great outfit, one thing it always needs is fantastic accessories to make it complete. 

For an outfit that mean great earnings or a necklace – for a home its the hallways - along with the laundry and powder room to tie everything together.

Yet what seems like such simple task, proved to be quite the mountain climb for the contestants this week.

But despite setbacks and mishaps, there were some true style triumphs.

Style highlights

I do have to hand it to the winners this week, Kerry and Spence, who did a beautiful job across all three spaces. Rm 7 Hallway Kerrie Spence 13

To start with - I absolutely loved their choice of artworks in the hallway - yes it's a little quirky, but after all this is St Kilda!

The shelf at the entrance worked perfectly, functional enough for an entrance, but also stylish, making it the perfect accompaniment.

The grand scale of the hallway is it's own feature, giving a 'art gallery' feel from the moment you walk through the front door, yet still maintaining a 'homely' feel.

Both the laundry and powder rooms were lovely, the choice of tiles in both rooms are gorgeous and both were the perfect balance of style and functionality.

I do think there should of been a three way tie for the first spot this week - because as with most previous week, I absolutely loved the styling in both penthouses. Fotojet 1 300x300

Let's start with the girls, Bianca and Carla, who have done an amazing job creating beautiful spaces that really tie with the rest of their apartment.

Once again this was a beautiful grand hallway, featuring amazing art that add both style and a little personality to the space, gorgeous lighting, and a runner which was a lovely touch.

I love the timber shelf, a feature that they have used a few times throughout the apartment, it truly is a beautiful piece of furniture that adds plenty of warmth.

As far has powder rooms go, the girls really raised the bar, with beautiful and luxurious room.

The standout feature here is definitely the basin - which is pure lux and works perfectly with their modern styling.

Finally Jess and Norm - who's space was definitely a continuation from their absolutely stunning kitchen last week. Rm 7 Hallway Jess Norm 21

The couple had quite a challenge trying to turn a very narrow space into a luxurious hallway - yet they did just that with simple and elegant styling like the marble shelf - which was absolutely gorgeous and the large round mirror.

Their choice of art worked perfectly with the space, I particularly adored the old newspaper clipping which featured an announcement of the original Gatwick, and was framed beautifully.

I love the play on lights in this space - from the gorgeous pedant lights to the sky scraper that elongates the already tall ceilings.

Both the laundry and powder room continues the lux vibe, once again featuring that stunning marble and clean simple styling that ties all the spaces together.

Still to come...

With this week being final room and fix ups - the end is certainly in sight ...

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