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The Block 2018 | Guest bedroom week reveal - featured image

The Block 2018 | Guest bedroom week reveal

As a guest in someone’s home – what would you really expect from the room you’re staying in?

One of the essential elements for a guest room is to have a lovely relaxing experience – but if it’s a room in a BLOCK apartment building – there must be a little lux factor involved too.

This week’s ‘guest room’ reveals had it all from the bland, to the bold and the beautiful.

With some really missing the mark, while others left interior lovers wanting more.

Styling highlights …

Once again, Bianca and Carla’s room was the winner in my eyes, and the judges agreed, giving them the top score. Rm2 Guest Bianca Carla 12

Keeping with their signature look of a timber ceiling, which works beautifully with the grandacious size of the penthouse – the girls crated a warm and luxurious environment.

I loved the colour pallet, and combination of textures – from the royal blue velvet bedhead to the soft blush pillows and camel furnishing.

Another hero is this room are the stunning floating timber side tables, which are warm and lux.

In terms of functionality – the girls nailed it.

Their bed lights are perfect, being both flexible and stylish, while the walk-in wardrobe would be a dream for any guest staying in this apartment.

Coming in second place, but really should be been equal first, are Hans and Courtney, with what is truly a room that scream St Kilda, in the best way. Guest room Courtney Hans

The first thing that catches one's eye when looking at this room is the colour pallet – absolutely stunning, especially the bed.

I love the combination of the blush/beige covers which create a soft feel, with the slightly bolder colours, adding a little lux and personality.

The side tables work beautifully with the pendants in terms of size, style and balance -  and really ooze the vibe of the area.

The room is very reminiscent of a luxurious boutique hotel, but at the same time maintaining a homely feel.

Guest room Norm Jess

The final style winners of this week in my eyes are Jess and Norm, I absolutely adore how much style and personality they add to their room, after all it is St Kilda, it can’t be beige.

The oversized emerald green bedhead is stunning and works beautifully with their chosen artwork, a gorgeous Broomley painting.

The styling in this room is a perfect combination of Art deco and modern lux, without overdoing either styles, making it very fitting for both the suburb and the building.

Adding the lovely drapes really softens the room and creates a sense of balance.

Still ahead ...

Next week is all about the master bathroom - which no doubt will mean plenty of challenges, drama and style.

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