The 9 Benefits You Can Gain … From Investing in Commercial Property


One of the main attractions of investing in Commercial Property is its security.

Unlike residential property … Commercial Property is generally still there performing for you, if the economy does slow commercial

However, when the economy is strong, Commercial Property grows in value and provides you with a steady income.

Anyway, for those of you starting out … here’s a list of the benefits you’ll enjoy from successful Commercial property investing.

Benefit #1: Strong Returns

Commercial Property provides strong and reliable returns in the form of both income and capital growth.

Your aim ought not be looking to make a quick gain. But over time, you should achieve a solid return consistently above inflation.

Benefit #2: Stability of Income

An important point to make about Commercial property is that … not only are the returns higher, they are usually more secure.

Unlike the short-term leases for residential property, Commercial Property leases will generally range from 3 to 10 years.

Benefit #3: Lower Risk

Taken overall, Commercial property investment tends to carry less risk than residential property or the stock market.

Benefit #4: Exposure to Different Sectors of the Economy


Retail and industrial properties probably have the highest direct relationship to the economy, with retail property dependent on consumer spending trends.

Whereas, office buildings tend to perform based upon long-term supply and demand.

Benefit #5: Tax Benefits

You will also find Commercial Property provides you with generous tax benefits.
Depreciation allowances on plant equipment are quite significant (on things like … air conditioning, carpets, lighting and so on).

But that’s just part of the benefit — as most Commercial properties also attract handy building allowances is well.

Benefit #6: Hedging against Inflation

Historically, Commercial property has been viewed as a good hedge against inflation.

Commercial Property certainly has an excellent record for outpacing inflation over a long period of time.

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Benefit #7: Investment Control

As an owner of direct property, you have a significant degree of control over your investment.

Areas such as: renovations, upgrading, a change of use for the property, the terms of the lease, the type of tenant, redevelopment and disposal.

Benefit #8: Ability to Add Value

Ways for you to add value to a Commercial Property would include: renovating, upgrading, subdividing or enlarging, improving the appearance and restructuring the lease.

Benefit #9: Leverage

Through astute borrowing against your Commercial property investments over time, you are in a position to quickly control a sizeable portfolio of properties.


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Chris is a respected Valuer, Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer. Since the mid-1970s, he has been a regular keynote speaker at a wide range of business conferences and seminars around Australia. Many high net-worth clients seek his guidance in acquiring Commercial property. Visit: Commercial Property Made Easy

'The 9 Benefits You Can Gain … From Investing in Commercial Property' have 12 comments

    Avatar for Chris Lang

    January 19, 2021 Elena Gilbe

    I am working as a “ commercial property consultant ” at “ Gormankelly “. I write about buying real estate, commercial property rentals etc.

    While I was searching for some information on the internet I went through your website and read some blogs. I really felt that it touched the realm of my work and expertise.

    I appreciate the awareness you are creating by sharing valuable information on your website.
    I also want to share my views and tips regarding such topics and would be glad to contribute to your website.

    I am hoping if you give me an opportunity to write a piece of content and share my knowledge. It will be unique, interesting, and will drive traffic to your website.

    Elena Glibe


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    April 11, 2020 Ellen

    Another reason to invest in commercial property is high yields; as commercial tenants often take on many of the costs that landlords would be traditionally expected to cover in the residential market.


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    March 20, 2019 Pankaj

    Great blog contains all the useful information


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    March 14, 2019 Shubham

    Very informative blog for the ones looking to gain maximum benefit. keep sharing


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    December 13, 2018 Sariah Meagle

    Sometimes, I think that I can further maximize my profits if I purchase some commercial land, and now I see why my friends have been doing it because you stated that it gives people a better chance of getting the stability of income which I can use once I retire. The reason why I also want to consider this option is that you mentioned that it has a lower risk than when I invest in the stock market. I also like the idea that I’ll get strong returns as you suggested as long as I acquire the right properties from the right companies.


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    November 21, 2018 Jaynie Mae Baker

    Your Article guided us the essential benefits of commercial real estate. We can get great suggestion about real estate from this; it helps in different difficulties that happen in the Real Estate Business.


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    July 10, 2018 Jesse Keyes

    Great blog


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    July 6, 2018 Dale Ventures

    Although residential and commercial properties both have proven to be excellent and profitable investments, commercial real estate investing might be a better option for property investors who are willing to undertake a large venture.

    Depending on the investment property, commercial real estate investing can provide a higher guaranteed return on investment when compared to residential properties.


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    January 6, 2018 Matthew Trim

    thanks for advice.


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    March 21, 2015 Andrew sotiropoulos

    There are many dis-advantages in owning commercial properties as well as the above-listed benefits however, if you choose the right commercial property it will bring you very strong capital growth as well as an awesome rental return for many-a-year which can’t be matched by residential but that’s IF you choose the right one.


      March 21, 2015 Michael Yardney

      Thanks for your comment Andrew. Of course you’re right and most investors don’t really understand what makes a good commercial property


    Avatar for Chris Lang

    March 2, 2014 Bob the builder

    Your opening line ” unlike residential property ……. commercial property is generally still there performing for you, if the economy does slow down ” is the complete opposite to what I have experienced.
    I have an industrial building that has recently been re valued at the same value we paid for it almost ten years ago. Sure the rental return has been reasonable but that is all.
    I have residential properties that have increased in value by at least 50 % in the same period.
    Your point #3 seems questionable to me. Surely if there was less risk the banks would lend a higher percentage. Try getting a 95% loan on commercial property or shares and sit back and observe the reaction from your lender. Be ready to pick them up off the floor.
    We required a 30 % deposit for the industrial and 95% with LMI ( this was prior to the GFC ) on the residentials so have experienced a much better return on our investment with the residentials.
    We have also been able to leverage off the increased value of the residential properties to finance further aquisitions which certainly can’t be said of our industrial property.
    Our properties are all within 20km of Sydney CBD and the last six or so years haven’t been kind to Sydney’s economy but the fact remains that the only growth we have achieved has been with residential which is currently snowballing quite nicely.
    I hope we are about to see some long overdue growth in the industrial property as we are in it for the long term.


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