What you need to know about Australia's slowing economy

Australia has had 24 years of consistent growth. But is it all about to come to a crashing end? by: Richard Holden, UNSW Australia; Fabrizio Carmignani, Griffith University; Janine Dixon, Victoria University; Ross Guest, Griffith University, and Tony Makin, Griffith University Australia’s economy grew by just 0.2% in the June quarter, below expectations of 0.4%, largely…

The data indicates the Australian recession is effectively here

Technically, Australia isn’t in recession; but data shows we are effectively in a situation of negative growth, writes…  Fabrizio Carmignani, Griffith University The latest economic figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have fuelled the debate on the future of the Australian economy and prompted many to ask: “Will Australia go into a…

When will Australia have it's next recession?- Pete Wargent

We’ve been hearing a lot about a coming recession for Australia over the last few years. So, are we going to get one? For those cheerleading for job losses, business failures and economic gloom: I’m afraid the RBA says no we’re not going to have a recession any time soon. Instead the RBA expects growth…