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Understanding the property investment cycle.

I’ve often said that until you have invested through a full property investment cycle, you won’t fully appreciate how the real estate market actually works. So if you’re a little confused about what’s currently happening in our property markets and keen to understand what’s going to happen to the value of your home or investments, I’m going to…

5 reasons why you should invest in real estate

Why should you invest in real estate? Well…I recently had a discussion with a friend who knew my passion for property investment and he asked me to give him three good reasons why he should invest in real estate rather than in other asset classes. Rather than give him three reasons I gave him five reasons…

For the third consecutive month Perth takes the prize as the capital city with the highest vacancy rate

Figures released by SQM Research this week have revealed that the number of residential vacancies nationally has remained tight during March, recording a vacancy rate of 2.3%, and 70,493 vacancies. Year-on-year results demonstrate that national vacancies appear to be slightly above the common seasonal trends expected at this time of year. Canberra recorded the largest…

Who’s to blame for high interest rates?

At the moment bank bashing is al the rage and if it’s not the banks then it’s easy to blame the RBA and Governor Glenn Stevens. But is it really their fault that rates are rising. According to leading property commentator Michael Matusik – no it’s not! In his recent Matusik Missive, the leading commentator says:

Develop an Investment Comfort Zone

Most property investors recognise that you make your profits when you buy your property. The big question then becomes… How do you determine what I would call the ‘fair market value’ of a property or more importantly how do you know when you have the right investment property to buy? I suggest you initially focus…