inflation and property investment

What interest rate cuts do to the Australian dollar

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the official cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.75% in May, making this the first cash rate cut since May 2015. The decision was a tough call amid lower than expected inflation, low consumer sentiment and a downward trend in house price growth. The cut had a powerful effect on…

Is property a good investment when inflation is low?

In general, inflation is relatively low and likely to remain so for quite some time, which has caused some people to ask: is property still a good investment in times of low inflation? This question was addressed in 1994 in an excellent book entitled Building Wealth in Changing Times by Jan Somers. Some things have…

Economic Update - Craig James CommSec

Craig James, Chief Economist at CommSec has just released his latest economic update. It makes for informative reading as he discusses the latest data on inflation, consumer confidence, interest rates and what it all means if you’re interested in property investment.