Weekly Economic Recap: Spending away Australia's Triple A rating

The IMF warns of secular stagnation while Moody’s ponders a credit downgrade for Australia if GST and negative gearing are not tackled, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Australia in his weekly economic wrap. The big news this week was domestic. And it was about the big picture.   Australian unemployment came in better than expected at 5.7%, down 0.1%…

What would make a GST increase 'fair'?

There isn’t a magical formula which compensates everyone for an increase in the GST – but there is a way to ensure fairness, writes… John Daley, Grattan Institute; Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute, and Hugh Parsonage, Grattan Institute Amidst the backdrop of a looming funding gap for hospitals and schools, NSW Premier Mike Baird and South…

Why raising the GST could hit new housing hard

As Governments state and federal begin grappling with harsher budget realities and an electorate disinterested in listening when it comes to the necessity of budget cuts or asset privatisation, it becomes increasingly likely that Australia will follow the New Zealand path and raise the GST.  This could hit housing especially hard because of the way…

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