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Some great lessons from the Census for Property Investors [Video] - featured image

Some great lessons from the Census for Property Investors [Video]

Demographics is our destiny - so there's a wealth of useful information in the recently released census data for those interested in property investment and the future of our real estate markets.

Watch my recent interview on Sky News where I share some of my insights into trans ahead based on my reading of the Census Data

Some great lessons from the Census for Property Investors

I explain how:

1. Our population is growing faster than expected. 

One of the big surprises in the Census was that there are more people in Australia than we thought and our population is growing faster than estimated city family urban suburb

2. Migration is changing our demographic landscape

Migration has caused a huge surge in the number of 25- 32 year olds helping to slow the ageing of our population and make up for the retiring baby boomers.

3. We like land

The Census showed that while 71% of us live in houses (75% in 2006) more and more of us (13%) are living in townhouses (up from 9% 10 years ago).

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