Classic property seller mistakes to avoid [video]

Thinking of selling your home or investment property?

I would like to share a few classic property seller mistakes I’ve noticed.

The first one is failing to “Showcase”.

In spite of how frequently this mistake is addressed and how simple it is to avoid, its prevalence is still widespread.

When attempting to sell your home to prospective buyers, do not forget to make sure that your home look as pleasant as possible.

Make necessary

Do some cleaning.

Make sure that everything functions and looks presentable.

A poorly kept home in need of repairs will surely lower the selling price of your property and will even turn some buyers away.

Walk around with a clipboard and look at your property through the eyes of a buyer.

Even consider having someone whose opinion you respect come through and ask them to be critical.

Don’t take offence but listen carefully to what they have to say.

A good agent can help there as well if you like.

The Hard Sell

Another mistake is trying to “Hard Sell” buyers when they are looking through your property.

Buying a house is always an emotional and difficult decision.

As a result, you should try to allow your agent to ‘have the run’ of the property and resist the temptation to try to do all the agents job for them.

So go for a walk, hose the garden but get out of the way and let your agent do his/her job.

If you are asked a question, answer it honestly and quickly and be friendly and hospitable.

If you’re concerned that the agent isn’t showing some of the features and the benefits you see in the property, think about preparing your own flyer that features all the points you’ve noticed and enjoyed about living in the property.

Give that to the agent and request to be handed out to all the buyers.

Look it’s great to be enthusiastic and want to help your agent but remember your role in the process. sale sign auction house property market

Also be wary of any prospective buyers who approach you and they do it directly and they show interest because of the “for sale” sign.

Often buyers who do not come through a real estate agent are a good 6-9 months away from buying, and they are more interested in seeing what is out there than in actually making a purchase.

They may still have to sell their house.

It is always a good policy to have a few cards from your agent on hand and you invite the person to give that agent a call.

Remember it could also be a security risk.


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'Classic property seller mistakes to avoid [video]' have 2 comments


    June 6, 2017 Tony Carr

    If interest only loans become harder to get people with a larger amount of property’s will be forced to sell!Great for the Government forcing capital gain tax to be paid on a huge amount of properties!
    But what will be the true affects on the economy,tenants,investors from this decision!
    Looks like to me many small property investors will be forced to sell!Another clever money grab by the Government! do you think that the Government and Banks will soften theyre approach in this area in the future!
    How will people save for there retirement? no pension,many with small amounts of superannuation!
    Looks like the Banks and Government work together! interest rates go up but bank deposits don’t!
    This system is not encouraging honest wealth creation!
    What should investors with interest only loans do?


      Michael Yardney

      June 6, 2017 Michael Yardney

      Tony – thanks for leaving your comment.
      Yes it will be (already is) harder to get interest only loans – but that’s for new loans – not for invetsors with loans – so I can’t really see a reason why investors will sell up.


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