Saturday Summary – the most interesting property investment articles I’ve read this week (2013/03/23)

There are more property investment articles, commentaries and analyst reports on the Web every week than anyone could read in a month. Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the interesting ones I’ve read during the week.

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The risk of Aussie property in an investment portfolio

Regular Property Update blogger Pete Wargent wrote a 2 part piece in his Escape the Rat Race Blog on the risk of owing Australian investment property

What Pete is really doing is giving some sensible arguments to the counter the property pessimists.

He says:

It’s immediately clear that much of the bearish rhetoric has about-faced remarkably quickly from the excitable “prices will fall 15-20% in 2012” to weary acceptance that in the short term prices will once again continue to increase. If there’s one thing that we should have learned about Australian property over the years it’s that short-term predictions are often next to useless.

From Jenman’s “coming property crash” warnings of a decade ago, to Keen’s “40% crash” call of 2008 or Keen again in 2012 insisting upon accelerating price declines, we’ve well and truly proven the old adage that “prediction is very difficult… especially if it’s about the future.”

It’s definitely worth reading this Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog at Escape the Rat Race

A warning about rental guarantees.

Another great Real Estate Talk show  produced by Kevin Turner. If you don’t already subscribe to this excellent weekly Internet based radio show.

Details of this week’s show

-Michael Matusik explains why  one-bedroom apartments more expensive in inner-city areas.
-Catherine Cashmore sounds a warning about rental guarantees and says they should be treated with suspicion
-Terry Rider from says investors need to be careful and do their due diligence before buying into developments off the plan that offers special bonuses

You should definitely subscribe to this weekly audio program. Click Here It’s free and you can listen on the go on your smartphone, iPad etc.

11 Lessons for Success

Peter Switzer has been writing in major newspapers and interviewing some of the best business and wealth-builders in this country and around the world for r 28 years. He summarizes 11 lessons for success you should not ignore in Yahoo Finance. These are:-

  1. Dream big
  2. Think outside the square
  3. Work with great people
  4. Be committed to success
  5. Understand your customer
  6. Get the marketing right
  7. Have great ads
  8. Create a digital marketing strategy
  9. Do the research
  10. You need to be a leader
  11. Believe it can happen

According to Switzer all of these lessons create a great blueprint for success but the one that holds it all together is the belief thing.

“First you have to believe you CAN make it happen,” Branson advised, and he was spot on.

Muhammad Ali nailed it with this: “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to self-belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen”. When he was Cassius Clay as a young man, he would proclaim: “I am the greatest!” It annoyed many people in those days but he definitely went on to make it happen.

Read the full article here

10 money tips for 2013

Earlier this year The Age ran a story suggesting 10 money tips for 2013. They were:

  1. Get a super plan if possible in a self managed fund
  2. Repay debt
  3. Keep saving – don’t forget, the best way to save is the mortgage offset account – it’s a higher rate, tax free.
  4. Shares – you should review your shareholdings every year, and may as well do it now so you don’t forget.
  5. Pay yourself – expenses expand to fit the income available. Or exceed it. So the best hope you have of saving is to treat it as an expense as well. Then you have no choice, do you?
  6. Budget
  7. Check the mortgage – unless you’re paying at least 0.5 per cent less than a bank’s advertised home-loan rate, you’re being ripped off. And consider whether you should fix or not.
  8. Get advice – successful people surround themselves with good advisers
  9. Tax – start collecting those receipts and thinking about the tax implications of your investments.
  10. Diversify – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Read the complete article here.

What USA’s new found oil wealth means for the future?

For the last few decades the political and financial world has been affected by the USA’s reliance on the Middle East for oil, but this is now changing due to fracking technology.

The ability to now access vast underground oil fields led to the U.S. overtaking Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil-producer in November and the International Energy Agency predicts that this will be true on an annual basis within a decade (via the American Enterprise Institute)

This will not only have a profound positive effect on the US economy but it will be interesting to see the implications for Middle East politics.


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