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Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself

Protect Your Eyes

From seeing only problems, instead of opportunities.

From crying miserable, wasted tears of self-pity.

From only looking, but not seeing the beauty around you.

Protect Your Ears

From hearing, but not really listening to those you love.

Protect Your Mouth speak talk words angry

From making excuses.

From gossip and slander.

From verbalising the things you don’t like about yourself... especially those aspects of you that are unchangeable.

Feeding off the lows of others will infiltrate your life.

Remember – everything you speak will be cemented.

There are no rich critics, so if you utter a stream of criticism, you will deplete your ability to welcome money into your life.

Protect Your Heart

From the disparaging remarks of those who truly don’t have your best interests at the forefront of their minds.

Don’t allow your pain to disfigure you into someone you are not.

Protect Your Space

From those who will violate your boundaries.

From clutter, and those who use you as a dumping ground rather than the source of wisdom they need.

You need your space to provide you with the energy you need to persist.

Protect Your Time

From the time vampires out there. dream clock time business man life motivation happy dream

The time you share with another isn’t ‘spent’.

It’s a ‘gift’.

Treat it with the reverence it deserves.

Invest it in those you love and in doing what you live.

Protect your child-like awe at believing in a better future for you, and those you love.

Protect your suppleness of spirit, in knowing that you must educate yourself about the markets to excel.

Ruthlessly and doggedly protect your magic from those too cynical to recognise and revere it.

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