4 experts view give their property investment market outlook for 2013

If you’re like me you don’t turn to Today Tonight for a commentary on what’s in store for our property investment markets.

But I was fascinated when Leith van Onselen shared this video, which contains interviews with Professor Steve Keen, RP Data’s Cameron Kusher, APM’s Andrew Wilson, and John McGrath.http://youtu.be/VFfzUUuhJxc

As you can imagine Steve Keen is pretty negative about the future of our real estate markets.

Interestingly Cameron Kusher suggests that we haven’t experienced times like this since the 1909’s and I’d agree.

The current markets remind me of the 90’s – a time of flat markets for a number of years – but a time of great opportunity – I still own many of the properties I bought then, but there’s worth 4 times more today.

My approach to property investment hasn’t really changed since then…

To ensure I buy a property that will outperform the market averages I use a 4 Stranded Strategic Approach:

  1. I buy a property below its intrinsic value
  2. In an area that has a long history of strong capital growth
  3. I look for a property with a twist  – something unique, or special, or different or scarce about the property, and
  4. A property where I can manufacture capital growth through refurbishment, renovations or redevelopment.

By following this strategy I minimise my risks and maximise my upside.

Each strand represents a way of making money from property and combining all four is a powerful way of putting the odds in my favour. If one strand lets me down, I have two or three others supporting my investment property’s performance.

Source: The original TV segment showed on Today Tonight but I saw it at MacroBusiness


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'4 experts view give their property investment market outlook for 2013' have 2 comments

    Michael Yardney

    January 12, 2013 Michael Yardney

    Thanks for our comment
    You are right. The problem is most Australians listen to the wrong people for advice and then wonder why it didn’t work out



    January 12, 2013 Billy

    The problem is Michael, this is probably the most advice the average person gets about real estate!! Steve Keen says that you can save up a bigger deposit in markets like this (like he has for around 5-6 years now as the prices for the most part have kept on rising). Well going off the average price for a Sydney house which they have provided, then a 2%-3% rise would wipe out a year’s worth of extra savings for a young couple. With wages increasing, personal debt being reduced, super low interest rates and high population growth, I can’t see these prices being like this for too much longer…


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