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More Millionaire Migrants to Australia than anywhere else [infographic]

While money may not buy happiness, it does buy the ultimate flexibility for making financial and lifestyle decisions. rich-300x169

For many of the world’s millionaires, money provides a highly effective means to escape their home country when times get tough.

And more and more are moving to Australia according to a report by New World Wealth,

The Top Five Countries (Net Inflows)

In 2016, Australia was the number one destination for millionaire migrants, with the United States close behind.

Country 2016 2015 Increase
1 Australia +11,000 +8,000 38%
2 USA +10,000 +7,000 43%
3 Canada +8,000 +5,000 60%
4 UAE +5,000 +3,000 67%
5 New Zealand +4,000 +2,000 100%


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According to the report by New World Wealth, in 2016, a total of 82,000 millionaire migrants  left for greener pastures.

Like most people, millionaires don’t like uncertainty – and they have the wherewithal and conviction to get out of places that have ongoing issues.

The Top Five Countries (Net Outflows):

Country 2016 2015 Change
1 France -12,000 -10,000 20%
2 China -9,000 -9,000 0%
3 Brazil -8,000 -2,000 300%
4 India -6,000 -4,000 50%
5 Turkey -6,000 -1000 500%


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