Mindset Crimes

We live in a sceptical age.inspiration idea mindset

We’ve learned not to trust.

We’ve been ripped off before.

Our leaders have lied to us, new scandals are popping up on a daily basis, and the companies we used to believe in are falling over like fir trees being logged.

We’re on alert 24/7.

No wonder we have difficulty rising above all of this and excelling as traders.

We’re primed to getting our fingers burned, and we’re wary as all heck.

However, if you feel you’re working too hard for a living and you’re just not getting ahead, I’ve got some answers for you.

You just don’t need to feel so trapped by your circumstances again.

Here are the top mindset crimes that I see robbing investors, business people and entrepreneurs of their wealth.

1. We are stressed out of our minds

We’re plugged in to every electronic device, every blog, every newspaper… 

We’re working long hours, tied to our mobile phones, and are never alone long enough to gain some clarity on our lives.

We jump around the place like cats following a laser pointer.

Our attention spans have become shorter than a hyperactive teenager with an X-Box addiction.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You need to unplug, even just for a morning per week.

I guarantee you that you’ll gain more enthusiasm, and approach your problems with a different mindset if you just give yourself a chance to recover.

2. We want instant results

This is why farmers do so well as investors or share traders.

They know that it takes a while to bring in the harvest, and if you skip one step of the preparation phase, the whole crop will be ruined.

It’s not your fault that you expect investing or trading to be easy.

We’re bombarded by people selling this dream.

However, it really is only a dream.

3. We feel unworthy

We are terrified of making the wrong decision.decision puzzle


Because we don’t want to show the world how we feel inside when we’re lying in bed, alone, at night in the silence.

We don’t want our actions to reveal who we feel that we really are.

This one emotion drives us to save face.

I don’t know about you, but frankly, I’ve got a bucket load of weaknesses.

However, unless we train our subconscious to feel worthy, we’ll never achieve what we really deserve in life.

We’ll be drained of the energy needed to seek out the answers to our problems, and find the people who can really help us in life.



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Louise Bedford


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