Looking for an affordable capital city property close to the CBD?

Looking to get into the property market, buy an investment property or simply sell up and move elsewhere in locations within 10kms of a capital city?

Here is a city-based list of where to find the most affordable inner city suburbs in our capital cities.city market data

Complied by the CoreLogic RP Data research team, today’s analysis highlights the five suburbs in each capital city with the most affordable median value and located within 10 kilometres of the CBD.

The immediately noticeable point is just how expensive the median value is for houses within the suburbs listed in Sydney.

Turrella is the most affordable suburb listed in Sydney with a median house value of $839,676 which is significantly higher than the most expensive median value listed across all other capital cities.

The story is a similar one for Sydney units although the gap isn’t as large compared to the other capital cities as it is for houses.

In all cities, unit stock offers a much more affordable entry point into the inner city areas, given this it is no wonder that unit construction in inner city areas is booming across most cities.

In the more expensive cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Canberra it has become difficult to secure houses close to the city at relatively affordable prices.

Given buyers are willing to pay an entry level premium – we anticipate this trend will continue over the coming years.

Capital city wrap up – where to find the affordable areas city by city:

Sydney – all of the suburbs with the most affordable median house value are located south of the city close to the airport.

For units, it is a bit more varied with suburbs south, east and west of the city.

Melbourne – the list for houses are scattered across the city however, none are located to the south.whentopurchaseproperty

Again units are a bit more varied and the locations are scattered around the inner city.

Brisbane – the suburbs for houses listed are typically south, the one exception is Keperra north-west of the city.

For units, three suburbs are located south and two located to the north.

Adelaide – all of the suburbs for houses listed are located to the north of the city where values are typically much lower.

For units, all of the suburbs except for Brooklyn Park are located to the north of the city.

Perth – all of the suburbs listed for houses are situated north of the city, predictably all away from the water.

Similarly for units all are located north of the river.

Hobart – housing close to Hobart is much more affordable than in all other capital cities.

All of the most affordable suburbs for houses listed are on the eastern bank of the river except for Goodwood.

For units most of the suburbs listed are situated to the north of the CBD.

top 5 suburbs

Darwin – all of the most affordable suburbs for houses listed are in a similar location just north of the airport.

It is a similar story for units with all of the most affordable in a similar area north of the city.

Canberra – all of the most affordable suburbs for houses are situated in the Belconnen district of the city.

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For units all suburbs listed except for Downer are either in the Woden Valley or Belconnen districts.
As for the future for those wanting to enter the property market in close CBD suburbs, it is somewhat unfortunate that the liveability of an Australian capital city generally increases substantially as you move closer to the city centre.

The reason being is that the provision of roads and public transport are better, there is more local social and retail amenity and emergency services and hospitals are more readily available.

Furthermore, the better schools are often also located around the inner city suburbs.

As a result, demand for housing in these areas is typically much higher resulting in the cost also being higher.


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Avatar for Property Update


Cameron Kusher is Corelogic RP Data’s senior research analyst. Cameron has a thorough understanding of the fundamentals such as demographics, trends & economics. Visit www.corelogic.com.au

'Looking for an affordable capital city property close to the CBD?' have 5 comments

  1. Avatar for Property Update

    April 27, 2015 Lawrence Barnes

    Hi Michael,
    Interesting that you purchase houses in Brisbane, as your recent book makes no mention of this. I thought it was units and townhouses all the way due to the changing demographics?, I guess this very much depends on how much you have to spend as well. In regards to Brisbane and purchasing houses, are you spending lots of money to get into the more affluent suburbs?


    • Avatar for Property Update

      April 27, 2015 Michael Yardney


      We but the type of property that will be in continuous strong demand by owner occupiers in that location. Sure we buy apartments and townhouses but there is still a strong demand for houses esp in Brisbane and Perth


      • Avatar for Property Update

        April 27, 2015 Lawrence

        Ok thanks Michael, your book reads a little differently. If I recall correctly it says I used to buy houses 20 years ago or words to that effect. Anyway does not matter you have cleared that up. Thanks


  2. Avatar for Property Update

    April 24, 2015 Lawrence Barnes

    Hi Cameron,
    In relation to this article. If I had for example $500,000 to spend would I be better off purchasing a house instead of a unit in the suburbs you have shown above? Brisbane has houses I can purchase for this price and still within the 10Km radius of the city.

    Lawrence Barnes


    • Avatar for Property Update

      April 24, 2015 Michael Yardney

      We buy houses for clients in Brisbane because that’s still the right type of property – one in strong demand by owner occupiers – while I think apartments make better investments in Melbourne and Sydney.

      However I would NOT buy in the suburbs on this list – they are NOT investment recommendations – they are cheap suburbs – and that means they are NOT likely to have the same strong capital growth as suburbs where the locals have higher disposable incomes


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