How long can the housing market continue to boom? [Interactive Graphic]

Here are some amazing housing stats produced in interactive graphics by The Guardian. Keep the real estate market growing

While some data providers produce daily or monthly statistics for our housing markets, the Australian Bureau of Statistics only reports quarterly and their recently released figures confirm what others have already reported.

The Sydney and Melbourne property markets are going gangbusters, with Sydney house prices rising 18.9% in the 12 months to June 2015 – the biggest annual rise in Sydney in over a decade.

This has caused some to ask: How long can the housing market continue to boom when the economy itself does not?

Of course, in all the other capital cities there is barely a sign of housing life

Perth was the worst performer.

The impact of the end of the mining boom, average house prices in that city have not risen since March 2014.

The Guardian has produced some excellent interactive graphics for you to explore to better understand how fragmented our property markets are.

Source: The Guardian


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'How long can the housing market continue to boom? [Interactive Graphic]' have 2 comments


    December 4, 2015 Jamie

    Hi Michael,
    I am an avid reader of your posts and respect your balanced views.

    In regards to market cycles, booms, timing the market & avoiding buying at peaks, there is much speculation in this space as you know and it is easy as an investor to get confused when doing market analysis & determining the right place to buy. Recognizing there are sub markets within markets, can a state that has less than ideal buying circumstances, such as being at the top of a boom cycle like Sydney, or to a lesser extent Melbourne, still present prime buying opportunities at the property level with good upside for growth. How much should an investor be influenced by the broader market when they work on getting fundamentals right, ie: investment grade, higher than average incomes, considering affordability, working off demand & supply, looking at proximity, employment prospects, getting the micro location right, choosing the right type of asset etc.

    Would love your thoughts or even a post on the topic!

    Thanks Michael


      Michael Yardney

      December 4, 2015 Michael Yardney


      Great idea for a blog topic – yes there is still upside int he se markets – if you buy the right property and add value creating your own upside

      My most recent purchase settles next week – I’m happy


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