An investors guide to finding Apostles for their cause

Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak.

Bill Gates had Paul Allen.

Warren Buffet had Charlie Munger.

Jack Canfield had Mark Victor Hansen.

Self-made millionaires don’t get there on their own

The greatest wealth accumulation occurs through the pursuit and realization of a dream.

And almost 100% of the time it requires a team effort. team puzzle help build

Those individuals who are able to elevate themselves from ordinary to self-made millionaire status, are the ones who have found their apostles – fanatics who share your dream and your passion for that dream.

Probably the most famous individual who found the yang to their yin, was Jesus Christ.

He actually found twelve apostles to help him spread his important message and his cause.

Jesus succeeded, not simply because of the importance of his message.

Jesus succeeded because he found twelve others who also believed in his message and his cause.

If it were not for his twelve apostles, the world would not know about Jesus or his message.

Those who realize enormous success in life are somehow able to put together a team of one or more individuals who buy into their dream. 

The more individuals you find, who commit themselves 100% to your cause, the more success you will have in realizing your dream.

Apostles turn dreams into reality.

But finding apostles is not an easy thing to do.

Most people who will be drawn to your cause won’t become apostles.

It’s hard to find people who will commit themselves 100% to your dream.

Almost everyone you will find is pursuing their own initiatives, projects, dreams and goals.

You have to keep searching to find your apostles

But it’s worth the effort.

You don’t need twelve. Just one apostle is all you need to make the magic happen.

Anyone who’s struggled, as I have, in finding their yang, knows it’s a very difficult and frustrating journey.


The right apostles are those who commit to your dream.

They become fanatics to your cause.

Their commitment is 100%.

Finding your apostles means you’ve found a team who will all pull the same cart.

Apostles will all have a single-minded focus; they will all be devoted to turning your dream into a reality.

The process of finding your apostles can happen overnight, can take years of trial and error or never happen.

You will run into two hurdles:

  1. Some, who appear to be apostles, will lose interest, moving on to the next new, shiny thing that catches their eye.
  2. Others will come in with their own hidden agendas and see you as someone who can help them accomplish their own dream or initiatives.
    As a result, they do nothing to help move you forward in realizing your dream.
    Unfortunately, you will not realize your new team member does not make the grade as an apostle until months or even years have gone by.
    Once you realize you’ve found a faux-apostle, you must eject them from your team.
    That’s not an easy thing to do but it is a necessary thing to do.
    If you don’t, they will only take you off course and distract you from your mission.
    You will find yourself inadvertently working towards their initiatives, rather than your own.

There are 3 paths to finding your yang, your apostles:

  1. Trial and Error – This is the most time consuming path. It requires an enormous amount of time.
    You can search for your apostles on social media, inside master mind groups or networking groups, through acquaintances, seminars etc.
    Most will not make the grade. Finding an apostle this way is like the needle in the haystack metaphor.Positive-Feedback-for-Leading-and-Developing-High-Performance1
  2. Dumb Luck – This requires patience and can take an enormous amount of time.
    You have little to no control over this path.
    Through dumb luck, the right individuals are attracted to your mission and join your cause.
    Getting your message out there takes time and only when your message gets enough attention, will the right people come along.
  3. Hire Your Apostles – This is the least time consuming but the most expensive path in terms of money.
    Employees are nothing more than hired apostles.
    They share your fanaticism because they want to get a paycheck.
    This is why having enough working capital at the beginning of the pursuit of your dream is important. You can hire your apostles.

The realization of your dream grows exponentially for every apostle that joins your team.

Ordinary people become self-made millionaires when they find their apostles.


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  1. Avatar for Property Update

    May 20, 2015 Belinda

    Yes. Agree! and our business is at the point where we really need an apostle who shares our hopes and dreams with the same passion/drive as we do. Its not easy.


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