With respect to time, we are all on equal footing.

We all have just 24 hours in a day.

In my five year study of the daily habits of the rich, I found that successful people figure out how to leverage time better than the rest of us.time

They get others to help them pull their cart, in order to move forward in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

Ten people working together for one purpose equals 240 hours each day, one hundred equals 2,400 hours each day and so on.

It’s not just time self-made millionaires leverage.

They also leverage their limited knowledge and skills through their teams and their relationships.

They understand that they cannot possibly know everything or be good at everything, so successful people leverage the knowledge and skills of their teams and their network of relationships.

They tap into the collective knowledge and skills of everyone in their inner circle to help them with their goals and dreams. goal image

Leveraging what you have means being aware of all of the assets, knowledge, skills, time, and relationships at your fingertips in order to get what you want and need so that you can achieve all of your goals and realize all of your dreams.

“But I am only one person,” you might object.

“I have no employees. It’s just me.”

All is not lost.

There are still ways to take advantage of leverage.

Here are a few ideas that I picked up from my study: