How emotionally intelligent are you? Here are 15 ways to tell

Some people think I’m smart – I wouldn’t really know- I’ve never taken an IQ test.light bulb

But I was pleased with the result when I tested my Emotional Intelligence with these 15 questions I found on Life Hacker.

I learned that Emotionally Intelligent people aren’t ruled by their thoughts; they are the master of them.

Discover your emotional strength today with these 15 signs that you are emotionally intelligent.

1. You’re Fascinated by What Makes People Tick

Emotionally intelligent people are fascinated by human behavior.

They notice things like body language, dialect, and personal tics.

Being a people-watcher helps them find clues about what makes each individual special.

2. You’re an Enthusiastic Leader Who Walks the Walk 

 Emotionally intelligent people know it’s silly to talk the talk if they’re not willing to walk the walk.

Instead of leading behind by delivering commands, they lead from the front by setting an example.

3. You’re Aware of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Emotionally intelligent people know you’re not as weak as your weakest link; you are as strong as your strongest link.

They use their greatest strengths as much as possible to make their weaknesses a moot point.

4. You’re at Peace with the Past

Emotionally intelligent people don’t have time for regret.

They drop their baggage and move forward into the present, because that’s where progress happens.

5. You’re Not Freaked Out About the Future

Emotionally intelligent people don’t obsess with future events outside of their control.

They are comfortable living in a world that doesn’t come with a crystal ball, because life is meant to be an exciting adventure (not a scripted routine).

6. You’re Tuned in to the Present Moment

Emotionally intelligent people don’t merely “get through” their hectic day.

Instead, they actively experience the nuances of every single moment of every single day.

7. You’re a Skilled Active Listener 8590259_l

Emotionally intelligent people know that “hearing” and “listening” are two different things.

They re-phrase a person’s statements in the form of a question to make sure nothing got lost in translation.

8. You’re Capable of Figuring Out Why You’re Upset

Emotionally intelligent people don’t let a chorus of negative self-talk take over their brain.

They are detectives who explore their environment, searching for clues that reveal why they feel the way they do and (most importantly) what they can do to make it better.

9. You’re Comfortable Talking with Friends and Strangers

Emotionally intelligent people never met a stranger they didn’t like.

They don’t care about a person’s age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation; they love everybody equally, because we’re all human here.

10. You’re Ethical in Business and Relationships hand-shake

Emotionally intelligent people follow their moral compass in business and life.

Their values might differ from person to person, but high standards govern their behavior.

11. You’re Eager to Help People

Emotionally intelligent people don’t need a reason to help others.

They help elderly women with their grocery bags; offer to wash the dishes if a friend or partner prepared dinner; and hold doors open, not just for ladies, but gentlemen as well.

12. You’re Able to Read People Like a Book

Emotionally intelligent people can translate the meaning of gestures, expressions, and body-language.

They know you can’t depend on language alone, because a person’s physical presence is often at odds with the words they express.

13. You’re Firm in Your Desire to Achieve goal image

Emotionally intelligent people strive for success, no matter how long it takes.

They are willing to deal with setbacks and address shortcomings, because you don’t lose until you quit.

14. You’re Motivated for Reasons Inside of Yourself

Emotionally intelligent people build motivation that lasts.

They detach themselves from the end result and focus on enjoying the process.

Personal development doesn’t happen at the moment of achievement, but during the growth process that leads to success.

15. You’re Willing to Say “No” When You Have To

Emotionally intelligent people know there can be too much of a good thing.

They know they can’t do everything, so they set priorities determined by what is most important to them.

OK so how did you score?




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