Structural Inspection

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A structural inspection, also referred to as an engineering inspection, is a professional opinion as to the structural integrity and condition of your home.

By law in most states, only a registered engineer is permitted to conduct the structural inspection, not a builder.

Builders can of course report defects such as rot and cracks but but the implications of these defects can only be suggested by an engineer, or in some cases an architect.

An engineer will look at a number of different components when judging the structure of the building.

These include the foundations, the framing, the roof, both the inside and outside of the building and even the plumbing, electrical and heating systems in the home.

Whether you’re buying a new home or an older one, it’s necessary to get the right person on the job.

An inspection will take only a few hours and can cost between $300-$600.

This may seem like a bit of money from your pocket for a simple stamp of approval but this initial inspection could save you from making a rather expensive mistake.

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