How To Get The Family Having Fun When Selling Your Property

Mov­ing home can be an emo­tional time for all the fam­ily.

Pack­ing up memor­ies, say­ing good­bye to friends, and the daunt­ing task of mak­ing new ones.

How­ever there are some ways to make this a fun and excit­ing time in your family’s life. I will share with you some tips, activ­it­ies, and mind­sets to help you move into this new chapter of your family’s life.

Mind­sets — plant the mov­ing seed

I will start with mind­sets first as this is the first step to mak­ing mov­ing enjoy­ moving house removal move

With small chil­dren it can be a trau­matic exper­i­ence for them as they are just start­ing to make friends and being adjus­ted to nor­mal every­day routines.

I’m sure the last thing you want is the kids kick­ing and scream­ing through the whole move.

When you have found the sub­urb you want to move to, I recom­mend you go on the Council’s web­site and find the best play­ground in the area. Make a pic­nic day of it.

Find local school fetes, fairs and com­munity activ­it­ies.

You will find these on coun­cil web­sites, shop notice boards, and com­munit­ies.

To add to this, a bike ride from one side of the sub­urb to the other can be another fun activ­ity and give you some exer­cise while you’re at it.

Don’t tell the chil­dren that you are look­ing at mov­ing at this stage.

Ask them simple ques­tions like “wouldn’t it be fun to live here”.

Gauge their reac­tions and see if you need to take them to any more activ­it­ies in the area to warm them up.

Once you have this pos­it­ive seed planted take them with you to some open homes in the area.

To add to more pos­it­ive rein­force­ment go to one of the local cafe after a couple of hours of house hunt­ing.

Selling your prop­erty — time to show who his boss

Giv­ing chil­dren own­er­ship and respons­ib­il­ity can make them act very dif­fer­ently.

Most chil­dren I know love to talk and to give their opin­ion.

I have found when apprais­ing a prop­erty and get­ting the chil­dren involved can make the whole pro­cess fun so I recom­mend you do this and it will test the real estate agent in the process.

Tell the chil­dren that you are choos­ing a real estate agent and it is their respons­ib­il­ity to choose the best one. Call up 2 to 3 of the most well-known real estate agents in the area.

When the agent comes in to appraise your prop­erty, and you sit down to dis­cuss with the agent why you should hire them.

Have your kids pre­pare their top three ques­tions and get them to ask the agent.

This gives the kids some­thing to focus on and hope­fully behave as well as test how per­son­able the agent is and will be to the buy­ers of your property.

Teen­agers — use their social networks

You should get an agent that is up with the times.

I recom­mend pro­fes­sional pho­to­graphy when selling, because it makes a huge dif­fer­ence as to how your prop­erty looks online.

housemate woman computer work read coffeeTeen­agers these days have a huge social influ­ence online.

Now you can cap­it­al­ise on it.

When your agents share your prop­erty list­ing on Face­book for example, ask your kids to share the pho­tos and a link.

This helps your prop­erty go viral and helps the advert­ising appear bet­ter on Google.

This will stretch your advert­ising dol­lars as most of the time buy­ers will know someone local.

This helps as chances are your teen­agers will have local friends on Face­book where you are selling.

Mov­ing day — keep­ing the kids motivated

Ask­ing chil­dren to pick up their toys can be a sure-fire way to start a tan­trum. A quick and easy way to make this fun dur­ing the mov­ing stage is to start buy­ing boxes before the mov­ing date.

Kids love boxes espe­cially with pack­aging foam.

Get them used to the idea of pack­ing their toys away in these boxes so when it comes to mov­ing day it becomes a fun day.

They will go nuts with all boxes around them.

Tell them that they will be able to play with the empty boxes at your new home as well.

This will con­tinue to add to pos­it­ive rein­force­ment of mov­ing to the new home and keeps act­ive little minds away from any poten­tial negatives.


The key is to help cre­ate a pos­it­ive asso­ci­ation to mov­ing to your new loc­a­tion. This will help the whole move a lot easier as you will not be drag­ging your kids kick­ing and scream­ing.

Mov­ing to a new sub­urb doesn’t have to be a drag, all comes down to mind­set and get­ting the kids involved. If the kids are ignored dur­ing the pro­cess it will make the move emo­tion­ally drain­ing.

Remem­ber have fun and live in the moment because that’s what kids do best.


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Jhai Mitchell


Jhai is the Internet Marketing Business Development Manager for Elders Toongabbie and Kings Langley. He has been consistently quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald and Real Estate Business online. Visit his blog at

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