For you to win, someone must lose

Most of us would love to be wealthy.13139319_l

All of us aspire to be free.

Sadly, few of us will ever achieve either.

The reasons can fill a book, and they often do.

Certainly one of the fundamental reasons most people fail is that they lack the discipline and commitment to learning what they need, apply what they’ve learned and then wait long enough for the results to materialise.

Many of us lean on outdated and ineffective beliefs that, while comforting to a degree, fail to serve our goals in the time we have available.

Some of us have felt a growing sense of urgency to our plans end up running around like six-year-olds; flitting from one idea to another.

I know I’ve been guilty of this many times before.

Plenty of hopeful investors or entrepreneurs become victims of ill-placed trust in ‘advisors’ or ‘hot tips’ that just don’t work – often driven by short-term greed at the expense of long-term results.

A lot of these concepts amount to not much more than self-sabotage.

In effect, a lot of people simply repel success – their erroneous beliefs going unnoticed and therefore, unresolved.

A common one is an idea that for us to win, someone else must lose.

We mightn’t say this out loud, but the construct goes something like this, “If I start investing, my lifestyle will suffer.”

Or, “If I make a lot of money, someone else has to miss out.” 


Another one is, “If I become rich, my friends will disown me.” 

All of these concepts reaks of a win/lose philosophy; that for me to win, you must lose.

Let me explain why this is a flawed idea.

If a car salesperson takes the time to understand your needs and wants, your budget and your purchase timeline, there’s a good chance you’ll reward him or her with your custom.

It’s a win/win.

If however, they pressure you into buying before you’re ready, or they load the deal with unwanted add-ons, or they fail to deliver the service you expect, you both lose.

A sale might still happen they’ll have lost a repeat customer, they won’t receive any referrals and in all likelihood, they’ll be subjected to scorn on social media.

It’s a classic lose/lose.

It’s the same with investing.

Charlatans will always get what they deserve in the end.

Conversely, a person who learns what they need from those who’ve achieved what they seek create a perpetual win/win cycle of success and prosperity.

A person who builds a portfolio of quality investments enriches themselves while providing capital for businesses to grow – be they a property developer, a company raising cash to expand or an artist seeking an audience. 42794377_l

Investment drives growth and ultimately, put food on people’s tables.

When you invest in real estate, you’re providing an essential service for someone – a place they can call home.

That’s no small thing, for today especially, home ownership is becoming ever more challenging.

So if there’s one belief you can safely discard, it’s the win/lose concept.

It doesn’t exist.

For you to truly win, someone else must also win.

Otherwise, you both lose.


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Peter Fritz


Peter Fritz is the founder of Midlife Tribe - a site that teaches midlife mastery to men and women who want to get control of their money, their time and their lifestyle so their ‘second act’ gives them a LIFE. He’s also a dad, a husband, an ex-husband; a photographer and outdoorsy guy. Visit .Visit You can also listen to Peter's podcasts on

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