Decide what you want to achieve as a property investor

In property investment as in everything in life I believe your mind – the way you think, determines our success or failure.

Everything you do begins and ends with your thinking.

Let’s look at how you can begin to think like a super successful property investor:

1. Read – Expand your horizons by reading books that motivate or inspire you. Reading just 15 minutes a day will add up to more than one working month per year that you will have invested in self improvement.

2. Join a Mastermind Group – Find a group of positive and motivated friends with whom to share your goals and thoughts combining a number of people into a mastermind group. It is an extraordinarily and powerful way of bringing ideas and concepts to fruition.

3. Seek out a Mentor – this is the major “secret” to the success of all super successful investor. They know they can’t do it alone. I have always said that if you are the smartest person in your team you are in trouble.

Find some people you admire the most. It doesn’t matter whether you know them personally or not.

Then work out who you would most like to emulate and then study them, read about them, research how they achieve what they want to achieve and buy any kind of information you can find on them.

If they conduct seminars attend them. If they have written books read them. If they have tapes and CD’s listen to them.

Listen to CD’s, cassettes and tapes – Take advantage of your down time in the car or in public transport and listen to motivational or educational CD’s. It’s a great way to further your learning.

4. Attend Seminars – When you attend seminars apart from learning new information, you will also meet other people with similar goals. These could be possible members within your mastermind group.

Your success or failure begins with your attitude about yourself and success. Your belief about the possibility or impossibility of a situation will determine the outcome of that situation.

If you believe you won’t succeed you won’t – its just not possible. On the other hand if you believe you will succeed you have a great chance of doing so.

Decide what you want to do that’s the easy bit and then keep a positive mind set and stay connected with your plan of action.


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