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Here's what happened to the rental markets around Australia last month

Want to know what’s happened to the rental property markets over the last month? Rental property website has released its report for October 2019, based on property leasing data. The report illustrates the shift in Australian median rental property prices (both metro and regional), rental affordability (the median room price metric) and days on market….

10 tips to maximise your rent

As a property investor it’s your job to maximise the return of your assets. One way to do this is to maximise your rent. Here’s a list of 10 ways to do this that I’ve learned over my 20+ years in property management which has now allowed me to oversee the team that manages properties for…

5 signs of a bad property manager

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that you can’t have successful property investment without tenants paying you rent regularly.   But too many investors don’t put enough thought into who is the best person to professionally manage their properties – and many even try to do it themselves. Successful property investors, however, understand that they need…

High tech lives equal high fire risks for rentals

Most of us don’t like to think about life without our electrical devices (how would you read this great article if it wasn’t for your phone or computer?). And, more of us don’t think that charging them may lead to homes being destroyed. But, as technology increasingly consumes our lives, the risk of fires increases…

How to manage your property manager

Far too many novice investors falsely believe that their property managers are entirely responsible for their investment properties. They adopt a “set and forget” mindset and blindly hand over the care of their investment to someone who probably is overworked and underpaid! Savvy investors, on the other hand, understand that while they might hand over…

A State by State Guide to Legally Evicting Tenants

Every landlord will eventually face a  situation in which they need to evict a tenant.  If you want your tenant to move on earlier than planned, however, there are certain rules you must follow before showing them the door. When buying an investment property, every investor hopes that the perfect person will move into their…

The stats are in....Rental Affordability hits an 11 year high

At a time when more and more people are saying property is expensive in Australia, rental affordability is better than ever. According to research from the Real Estate Institute of Australia, rental affordability improved during the June 2019 quarter to the lowest proportion of income required to meet rent payments since June 2008 . REIA…

6 ways to be an awesome landlord

Awesome landlords attract awesome tenants. It’s a simple matter of A + B = C… and while this equation applies in virtually all areas of life, it is remarkably relevant when it comes to managing your investment properties at an optimal level. A brilliant landlord is able to keep hold of tenants for longer periods…