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2021: A year in review of our Property Market

The extraordinary momentum carried over from 2020, coupled with monetary and fiscal stimulus measures has contributed to an unprecedented year of growth and litany of outstanding results for the Australian residential housing market. The estimated value of Australia’s residential real estate had gone from $7.2 trillion at the end of November 2020, to reach a…

Is your neighbourhood underinsured?

Underinsurance is more common than many realise. And if you live in an area where most people don’t have enough home and/or contents insurance, the financial and social catastrophe that follows a disaster can be community-wide. Even if you’re well covered, your neighbourhood may struggle long after the dust has settled, as houses lie derelict, people struggle…

10 Things every landlord wishes tenants knew

The job of being a tenant should be simple, but as with all things that involve human beings, it often isn’t. If every tenant knew these ten things, life would be a little happier for everyone. 1. Paying rent on time is very important  This isn’t because landlords are greedy – it’s because landlords rely…

Pets in properties: Purr-fect or barking mad?

Australia certainly stands out as an animal-loving nation with some of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. With around one-third of all households renting, what are the pros of a pet-friendly investment property? And what are a landlord’s legal responsibilities? A 2019 survey by Animal Medicines Australia found that 5.9 million households own a…

Mould in rental properties: What are my responsibilities?

If the dreaded black spores are invading your rental property, you want to deal with them quick-smart. But just who is responsible for removing mould? It starts as one little spore, then two… and, before you know it, there is a horrible black fungus spreading, well, like mushrooms. Like all fungi, mould grows best in…

The 7 deadly sins of learner landlords

Buying your first investment property can be both exciting and daunting.  You’ve poured your hard-earned savings and/or equity into an expensive asset, and now you take on the responsibility of being a landlord and the challenges of property management to ensure you maximise the return on your investment property. Over the years I’ve seen numerous…

A landlord’s guide to rent increases

Rent – it’s the basis of the whole landlord-tenant relationship. In the simplest of terms, tenants pay money to the property owner in exchange for being able to live in the place. Although the fundamentals are simple, when it comes to rent increases it can get a little combative. Raising the rent is often a…

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