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2 essential qualities in every property manager

As a property investor, one of the toughest decisions you’ll face is choosing the right professionals to manage your property.  Their role is an important one.  They’ll be in charge of advertising, conducting inspections, vetting potential tenants and organising maintenance – not to mention ensuring rent is paid in full and on time – so…

6 ways to be an awesome landlord

Awesome landlords attract awesome tenants. It’s a simple matter of A + B = C… and while this equation applies in virtually all areas of life, it is remarkably relevant when it comes to managing your investment properties at an optimal level. A brilliant landlord is able to keep hold of tenants for longer periods…

Vacancy Rates are dropping around Australia

Nationally, vacancy rates slipped in January to 1.9 per cent, the lowest vacancy rate since March 2020, prior to the pandemic according to Domain. Dr Nicola Powell, Senior Research Analyst for Domain, commented: It is typical for the rental market to tighten in January following a seasonal boost of supply over December. …Every capital city…

A Complete Guide to Body Corporate Fees in Australia

The chances are that if you’ve just bought (or are planning to buy) an investment property in a multi-unit development such as a unit, townhouse or apartment, you’ll have heard about an owner’s corporation, or a Body Corporate. These are essential to the smooth functioning of any building or housing lot in which owners have…

Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

Property investment remains one of the best ways to create wealth but success depends on much more than just property selection and location. You see… property investment also involves people – namely landlords (that’s you) and tenants. HOW TO CHOOSE A TENANT? RENTAL BONDS RENTAL PAYMENTS UTILITY AND SERVICE CHARGES RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE LANDLORD TO…

4 Common Mistakes Made When Selecting a Property Manager

Buying your first property heralds the beginning of your investment journey, but it does not end with signing that contract and getting that property title. That home or apartment is not going to make money by itself, so for savvy investors, the natural next step is to rent it out and make a killing off…

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