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Knowing where to buy property is the difference between a successful property investor
and a poor one.
It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you need to ensure you choose locations that will offer long-term
Remember, not every property is a smart investment. So we’ve found the best industry experts to guide you through
your property search.


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Do one bedroom apartments make good investments?

With ever shrinking household sizes, a rapidly expanding population, an ongoing critical housing shortage and affordability issues all plaguing Australian property markets, there’s no denying that we require more accommodation and quickly. Not just any type of accommodation will do however.  With more young people opting to live in our inner cities and state governments…

Here's how to find locations that will outperform in the long term

Everyone knows that location is critical when selecting an investment property that will outperform. But what makes a good location and why are some locations better prospects than others? When I started investing around 40 years ago the emphasis for homebuyers was largely affordability and proximity to infrastructure. The outer fringes of our capital cities…

Small apartments set for a big future

Australia has overtaken the US as titleholder for “home to the world’s largest houses”  Large McMansions on expansive suburban blocks have long been held as the ideal “Great Australian Dream”, while smaller inner city apartments copped a pretty bad rap as the cheap and nasty end of the property market. However times are changing, with…

Buying Off The Plan - What Every Property Investor Needs to Know

Open any weekend newspaper and you’ll see a large number of proposed new apartment projects being marketed before building has even been commenced and it may make you wonder – why on earth would anybody buy a property that hasn’t been built yet? Plenty of people do, you know. It’s called buying off the plan. With our…

Should you use a buyer's agent or DIY?

Looking to buy your next investment property or home?     Purchasing a property usually requires a fair amount of time for research, calculation, and consideration – which some buyers may not necessarily have. That’s why more and more home buyers and property investors are turning to Buyer’s Agents as purchasers recognize the benefits having their own advocate…

Will interstate immigration impact Queensland property values?

Another property buzz word this year will also be interstate migration.    The Queensland population growth figures (latest available) for fiscal 2017 are: Natural increase: 31,006 Interstate migration: 17,148 Overseas migration: 31,148 Total growth: 79,580 Yes interstate migration to Qld is on the increase. It was 11,581 during fiscal 2016 and just 6,417 during fiscal…

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