Where to buy investment property

Knowing where to buy property is the difference between a successful property investor and a poor one.
It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you need to ensure you choose locations that will offer long-term investments.
Remember, not every property is a smart investment. So we’ve found the best industry experts to guide you through your property search.


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Where to Buy Investment Property

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Sydney property market

The Sydney Property Market – 20 Investor Insights

Sydney’s property market has been the central focus of the real estate industry in recent years, particularly after median house prices soared into the seven figures earlier this year.  Interest rate cuts, a construction boom, rapid employment growth and renewed confidence in the State government were just some of the reasons behind Sydney’s rapid and explosive...
Property Market

My market forecasts on 4 capital cities in 2 minutes

Two minute read Here’s my market forecast on 4 of our capital cities: Sydney End of the market upswing.  Now being constrained by buying and rental affordability, plus low rental yields. Yet, sales demand still exceeds resale supply. New housing supply remains relatively tight. We are forecasting a 5% to 7.5% lift in house values...

Mapping the property market | May 2017

Want a pictorial view of what’s happening in our property markets around Australia?  Well these maps from Corelogic’s Mapping the Market Report will give you a good idea of what’s going on. Statistics at a national or broad regional area only tell you part of the story. While these statistics may show values or rents rising or falling, the...

Sydneysiders Favour Melbourne’s More Affordable Properties

With Sydney’s property prices continuing to rise to ever more unaffordable levels, residents are turning to Melbourne for more affordable alternatives. While both capitals have enjoyed a major boom in house prices, the average home in Melbourne is generally cheaper than in Sydney (sometimes by up to 40% for new apartments). Indeed, many Sydneysiders now...
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Population growth – Do we put up “We Are Full” signs?

Three minute read. Let’s talk about housing density instead.  Town planning is encouraging more housing density in our middle to outer suburbs. Sometimes this is done as a forerunner to improved local transport infrastructure. But most of the time it is done to meet population targets – more bums of seats, so to speak, which...

The residents in this postcode pay more than $1Billion in tax in one year

Guess which postcode contributed more than $1.1bn in government revenue in one year alone?  I’m sure you guessed it was a Sydney suburb. Well…it was Mosman where residents paid a staggering $400 million more tax than the next-highest postcode. Analysis by The Weekend Australian of 2014-15 Australian Taxation Office data, produced the following interactive graph wher you...

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