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Every Australian capital city has its ups and downs when it comes to property investment. But before you launch into investing in Sydney it’s worth doing your research and seeking expert advice. That’s why we’ve developed these articles, for a more local perspective on what you’ve read about investment so far.

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Here’s why Melbourne and Sydney have decoupled from the rest of Australia’s property markets

Have you wondered why the Melbourne and Sydney property markets have outperformed the rest of Australia? Well according to Dr. Phillip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia their high property prices is partly explained by the fact that they have become “superstar cities.”  “Low interest rates have added to that, but basically people…

: The Sydney Property Boom is over!" image="" url="" ]

The Sydney property boom is over. But what should an investor do?  And what’s ahead for the Sydney property market? Is it too late to get in? Should you sell? Do you regret recently buying a property in Sydney or is it time to take advantage while others sit on the side lines? This is…

How's the NSW Economy? | ANZ Research

Australia’s economic fortunes have improved according to the ANZ Bank’s most recent Stateometer -it’s quarterly assessment of the economic state of our States. As housing construction keeps economies humming in the south east, resources construction in the west and north comes close to bottoming, and labour markets and trade improve nationwide, the ANZ Stateometer paints…

NSW affordability package: Stamp duty savings

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses the latest addition to the NSW affordability package.  The third installment of Government measures to address the affordability struggle in Sydney and Melbourne has been delivered, with the NSW Government announcing a package of reforms commencing July 1.  This follows announcements by the Federal and Victorian Governments in recent months. The primary…

‘Liveable’ Sydney has clear winners and losers

Justifying Sydney’s ranking as a liveable city requires greater recognition of the inequality of Sydneysiders’ access to jobs, wealth, transport and housing, writes… Roberta Ryan, University of Technology Sydney and Yvette Selim, University of Technology Sydney Sydney is frequently placed in the top ten of global “liveability” rankings. But despite the growing popularity of the…

Sydneysiders blame foreign investors for high housing prices – survey

Only 18% of Sydneysiders think foreign investors should be able to buy property – They simply don’t accept arguments that this investment improves housing affordability by increasing supply, writes… Dallas Rogers, University of Sydney; Alexandra Wong, Western Sydney University, and Jacqueline Nelson, University of Technology Sydney Sydneysiders are concerned that foreign investors, and particularly Chinese…

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