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Every Australian capital city has its ups and downs when it comes to property investment. But before you launch into investing in Sydney it’s worth doing your research and seeking expert advice. That’s why we’ve developed these articles, for a more local perspective on what you’ve read about investment so far.

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Revisiting The Value Differential Of Housing Between Australia’s Capital Cities

In previous instances when value growth has slowed or started to fall in Sydney and Melbourne the experience has often been that value growth has ramped-up in other capital cities. This makes sense given that as affordability deteriorates in certain areas of the country people start to turn their attention elsewhere. Here’s a look at the…

Stumping up a Sydney deposit

Here’s a number for you — 10,950. Ten thousand, nine hundred and fifty. That’s how many days a first-time property buyer will have to scrimp and save for a 20 per cent deposit for a property in Sydney. Not the purchase price — the deposit. Thirty long, hard years. If you ever want to take that first step on…

Sydney's lockout laws and property prices

Lockout laws have been in effect in Sydney’s inner suburb nightspots for more than four years. Property data since that time shows that, for the most part, property prices in the suburbs affected by lockout laws — including Darlinghurst, The Rocks and Haymarket, among others — continue to increase. This is particularly so in Darlinghurst where, according…

How top school zones affect Sydney property prices

Education influences investors across a broad range of demographics and data shows that it is now influencing property prices in Sydney’s most popular education catchments.  Education is a long-term consideration and, whether you are planning a family, have children already enrolled in school, or are an investor looking to attract long-term, quality tenants, it may…

Here’s why Melbourne and Sydney have decoupled from the rest of Australia’s property markets

Have you wondered why the Melbourne and Sydney property markets have outperformed the rest of Australia? Well according to Dr. Phillip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia their high property prices is partly explained by the fact that they have become “superstar cities.”  “Low interest rates have added to that, but basically people…

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