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Every Australian capital city has its ups and downs when it comes to property investment. But before you launch into investing in Sydney it’s worth doing your research and seeking expert advice. That’s why we’ve developed these articles, for a more local perspective on what you’ve read about investment so far.

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Sydney property market outlook

Play this important message from Michael Yardney   The Sydney property market has been one of the strongest and most consistent performers over the last four decades. And this year the Sydney real estate market has continued to defy the worst forecasts of a COVID-19 related property crash as it initially remained remarkably resilient resilient and is…

NSW at 8 million - how did we get here?

In the second half of 2018, the population of NSW reached 8 million – a milestone that was 230 years in the making. Population wise, NSW is Australia’s largest state, and it is also the state that was first settled by Europeans. The state capital, Sydney, is a global city which is one of the…

The best investment property suburbs in Sydney

Sydney has certainly been our nation’s benchmark market – and it’s obvious why. Around 60 per cent of all transactions occur in and around the capital. This gives it substantial weight in any national analysis. We’ve also noticed that some observers who proffer their opinion about the ‘Australian property market’ are often simply describing Sydney’s…

Sydney Market Completes Remarkable Turnaround in 2019 — Who Were the Big Winners?

The Sydney housing market has completed a remarkable turnaround in 2019 recording record boomtime results over December. Weekend auction clearance rates have soared over the year with December’s 77.8% result a record Sydney high for that month and well ahead of the December 2018 rate of just 43.1% – conversely a record monthly low result….

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