Property Investment Melbourne


Every Australian capital city has its ups and downs when it comes to property investment.
But before you launch into investing in Melbourne it’s worth doing your research and seeking expert advice.
That’s why we’ve developed these articles, for a more local perspective on what you’ve read about investment so far.


Melbourne Housing Market Update [Video] – June 2017

Melbourne dwelling values pushed a further 0.7% higher of the three months ending May 2017 with a 1.2 percent rise in house failures, offsetting a 3.9 percent fall in unit values. The latest data shows Melbourne unit values have recorded the first year on year 4 since 2013.  Since dwelling values started trending higher five years…

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Melbourne Housing Market Update [Video] – May 2017

According to the CoreLogic results, dwelling values increased by 0.1% across the combined capital cities in April, with housing market conditions slowing in both Sydney and Melbourne.  The result for the Melbourne property market was also lower than previous months of 2017, with dwelling values up 0.5% over the month. Melbourne values increased slightly more…


Sydneysiders Favour Melbourne’s More Affordable Properties

With Sydney’s property prices continuing to rise to ever more unaffordable levels, residents are turning to Melbourne for more affordable alternatives. While both capitals have enjoyed a major boom in house prices, the average home in Melbourne is generally cheaper than in Sydney (sometimes by up to 40% for new apartments). Indeed, many Sydneysiders now…


Ask Michael Anything [video] – What’s in store for the Sydney & Melbourne property markets?

There’s a lot of speculation about the future of out property market – but what can investors is Sydney and Melbourne really expect?  This week watch Michael explain and discuss what we can expect in the Melbourne & Sydney property markets. This week’s questions:    With 1/3 of borrowers having little to no buffer, and the interest…

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Melbourne Housing Market Update [Video] – April 2017

In Melbourne, house values were 17.2% higher over the past twelve months compared with a 5.2% increase across the unit sector. Melbourne’s property market has continued to produce high levels of capital gains for investors. Dwelling values have surged by 15.9% over the past twelve months, mostly during by the strong conditions in detached housing…

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Melbourne Land Boom Gathers Pace As Size Shrinks, Prices Rise

The average time on the market for new land in Melbourne’s growth corridors has dropped below 60 days as the current upswing continues to gather pace, according to research by property group Oliver Hume. The research, compiled from analysing thousands of transactions and examining trends at nearly 200 projects throughout Victoria, shows the average time…


How long till Melbourne has a median house price of $1million

How long till Melbourne has a median house price of $1million? Well… that $1 million median may happen sooner rather than later according to Dr. Andrew Wilson, chief economist for Domain. In fact he’s having a little fun with this prediction and has put a countdown timer on his Facebook page – you can check out…

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Sydney and Melbourne investors should consider rental yields

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses the rising demand from investors in Sydney and Melbourne.   Demand from investors in Sydney and Melbourne is particularly high today following significant property price rises over the past five years in both cities. Investor appetite for bricks and mortar is reflected in the latest finance figures which show that NSW…

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