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Every Australian capital city has its ups and downs when it comes to property investment. But before you launch into investing in Brisbane, it’s worth doing your research and seeking expert advice. That’s why we’ve developed these articles, for a more local perspective on what you’ve read about investment so far.

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What’s ahead for Brisbane’s property market?

Understandably, the coronavirus crisis is creating uncertainty for those interested in the Brisbane property market. Prior to COVID-19, the Brisbane property market was expected to deliver strong capital growth in 2020. Now, like most housing markets in Australia, Queensland property faces new challenges in the wake of the Coronavirus. So many are wondering – what’s…

Are Brisbane units still over supplied?

The narrative of over-supply and under-performance in Brisbane units has dominated conversations around south-east Queensland property for almost 5 years. At January 2020, Brisbane unit values remain 11.5% below their 2010 peak to be at similar levels to 2007. But the latest data on property values, construction and population growth suggest that the story is…

Our Tunnel Benefits Are Over! 3 Suburbs Heating Up in Brisbane

In case you haven’t noticed Brisbane’s major arterials are getting busier. While Brisbane has been very proactive over the last decade, building a number of tunnels to reduce congestion, it is now official – the benefits are over. Brisbane urban planning specialist Matthew Burke (from Griffith University) has stated that Brisbane no longer receives congestion-busting…

5 important things investors must know before investing in Brisbane [video]

It looks like it’s finally Brisbane property’s time in the sun. Many commentators agree that the Brisbane property market will be one of the strongest performing residential market over the next few years. But if history repeats itself, and it most likely will, many investors won’t maximise their upside, or protect their downside when investing…

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