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Latest posts
Nearly one million mortgage holders experiencing “mortgage stress”

Another scary headline in the news this week: Nearly one million mortgage holders experiencing “mortgage stress” But when you read more into the stats, things aren’t nearly as bad as they may seem.  Over the last 12 months there has been a decrease in the estimated number of mortgage holders considered to be ‘At Risk’  and…

How to Finance your Property Development

More and more Australian property investors are moving into advanced strategies such as small property development as a way to grow their wealth. Of course, property development brings with it more potential financial rewards than traditional property investment, but it is not without it risks as well. There a number of factors that you must…

7 reasons why P&I loans now make more sense

As the saying goes, if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards. Up until 6 months ago, deciding on P&I or IO repayments was easy, as the interest rate was the same for either, and the repayment type didn’t impact your borrowing capacity.  Today, it’s a very different story. Let me explain. A couple of months back I…

Property development guide part 5 - Financing your project

In the fifth instalment of his series on property development Bryce Yardney, property development Specialist at Metropole Properties explains in detail how to secure funding for your real estate development project.  Before you commence any development project, it is obviously crucial to first establish how much you can borrow and how you will be able to manage all…

Are substantially renovated properties exempt from new depreciation legislation?

Last year new laws have been enacted to deny deductions for depreciation for “previously used” depreciating assets related to the use of residential investment properties. In simple terms, for affected taxpayers, from 1 July 2017, depreciation deductions for items of plant and equipment (e.g. dishwashers, ceiling fans, carpet, and hot water systems) in residential investment…

Lending confusion an opportunity for investors

Mixed messages from lenders are creating opportunities for cash-up investors looking to the long term.  While some lenders are increasing interest rates, others are discounting them and offering cashback incentives. Adding to the confusion is NAB’s decision to place their rates on hold which is completely at odds with the other three major banks which…

How to help your children buy property

Housing affordability is the current topic of conversation at dinner tables across the Australia.   And for families with Gen Y children, in particular, it’s probably a discussion based around how they’ll struggle to ever buy their own home. For those in Sydney and Melbourne, there’s no denying it has become a lot harder to…

Why you must understand estate planning

They say blood is thicker than water but when it comes to distributing your wealth, human instinct can take on a darker side because money is involved. People often feel vulnerable when contemplating their death, but this is no excuse to not have a Will. It’s vital that you receive legal advice when preparing your…

How to get finance mate’s rates

Not too long ago, savvy homeowners would’ve included their bank manager on their annual Christmas card lists. The name probably would’ve sat quite near the top. In fact, they might’ve even sent a present.  Maintaining a relationship with the person who ran your local branch was seen as being just as important as knowing an…

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