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11 common property investment finance mistakes to avoid - Part 2

What are the common finance mistakes property investors make? Yesterday I outlined the first five finance mistakes to avoid when structuring your finance, whether you’re a home buyer or property investor. If you didn’t read that – please check it out here first I explained that the mortgage product you end up with can mean the…

Why you must understand estate planning

They say blood is thicker than water but when it comes to distributing your wealth, human instinct can take on a darker side because money is involved. People often feel vulnerable when contemplating their death, but this is no excuse to not have a Will. It’s vital that you receive legal advice when preparing your…

3 risk management strategies for property investors

Property investment is one of best wealth creation strategies out there. In part because it has a long history of solid performance, so is therefore relatively low risk. It’s important to understand, however, that it is not completely without risk. That’s because every investment opportunity has an element of risk. The trick is to manage…

Is investing an art or science?

Is successful property investing an art or a science? Albert Einstein once said, “COMPOUND INTEREST IS THE EIGHTH wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.”  If we accept the above, then the longer we hold a property investment the more likely we are to make a gain….

Am I too old to invest in property?

I’ve had conversations with plenty of discouraged folks who are in their 50s (or even older) and they’re wondering how they’re going to survive in their retirement. They start to question if it’s too late to invest in property. Is there ever a time when you’re just too old? In general my response would be…

Ask the Expert [Video] - Are trusts the right vehicle for your property?

Setting up a trust can both protect your property and keep it in the family. But how do you know which trust is right for you? Watch as Ken Raiss and I discuss the benefit if a family trust when it comes to protecting your investment property. This week’s questions:  I read that successful investors control…