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State by State Update on the Australian Property Markets | November 2019 Chart Pack

Property is back in the news and making headlines again. But in a very different way to this time last year. Rather than being worried about property Armagedon, now the commentaotrs are asking how strong will the markets be with a recent forecast by SQM Research suggesting dwelling prices could rise by more than 15%…

The Most Miserable Countries in the World - Where does Australia fit in? [Infographic]

Some people believe that happiness comes from within. However, in the world of economics happiness seems to be more linked to quantitative factors such as inflation, lending rates, employment levels, and growth in gross domestic product (GDP). The chart below from Visual Capitalist shows the 2019 Misery Index rankings, across 95 countries that report this…

What’s the best investment property for this new property cycle?

With our markets on the move and a new property cycle now upon us it’s becoming apparent that more and more investors are looking for the next property “hotspot.” The problem is, hot-spotting is about short-term speculation, not long-term wealth creation. Most property investors are trying to build their asset base so that one day…