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House prices grew at third fastest rate in history

Over the past year, house prices have grown at the third-fastest rate in Australia’s history.  PropTrack economist Paul Ryan wrote in the Australian that the 22% rate of growth seen across our capital cities this year, was the third-fastest in history, next to the records achieved in the 1980s and 1950s. Understanding past episodes of…

7 money tips to super charge your finances

The maths behind financial independence is incredibly simple. If that’s the case why do so few Australians achieve financial freedom? It’s not for the lack of knowledge – there are so many money blogs, videos, and podcasts out there. Instead, it’s a combination of our mindset, habits, and behaviours that rule our financial destiny. So…

Here’s what I’m expecting to happen in property now that's we're working our way through Covid

Now that we’ve worked our way through Covid, what can we expect to happen to our property markets over the next decade? That’s a common question I’m being asked by both our clients at Metropole and many media sources now that we’ve experienced a strong year in property, but we’re facing headwinds like APRA’s intervention…

Look what’s going to happen to Australia’s property markets over the next 40 years

You’ll never believe what’s going to happen to Australia’s property markets. Now I’m not talking about tomorrow, or next month, or next year. Of course that’s the focus of much of the media at present. There is a lot of commentary about what’s going to happen to our property markets in the short-term, or how…

Population Boom and Bust?

Population growth and immigration are always hot topics, aren’t they? But what’s really happening to the world population? Believe it or not, the world has already set the course for a future population decline – while experts agree on this, they haven’t been on the same page about just how fast the number of people on…

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