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Conflicting signals for the future of property

What’s a head for our property markets? When will the markets stabilise? How much longer will Sydney and Melbourne property prices fall? That’s what many economists and research houses are spending much of their time researching at present. ANZ Bank recently reported to their wholesale and institutional clients that the signals are conflicting at present….

Future Population Growth and it's effect on our Property Markets

Australia’s strong population growth has been one of the major fundamentals underpinning our property markets. But some are suggesting we’re growing to fast – our cities are becoming less liveable and our infrastructure can’t cope. So what’s ahead for Australia’s population growth? Recently QBE released its Australian Property Market Outlook – 2018-2021 and looked at this…

10 Skills You’ll Need to Survive Robotics and AI [Infographic]

Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation is coming to your workplace. Minds much cleverer than mine are calling this the 4th industrial revolution and suggest millions of jobs will disappear over the next few years, but many new jobs will also be created. So what skills will you need to survive?  Today’s infographic from Guthrie Jensen, and it…

Western Australia Property Market Outlook | QBE

What’s the outlook for the Western Australian property market? It’s been in the doldrums for over 4 years now – is it finally going to turn the corner? Recently QBE released its Australian Property Market Outlook – 2018-2021 and they suggest that a further 2% decline in the median house price is forecast over 2018/19, before modest price growth…

These are just some of the big things an agent does to earn their commission

Are agents really overpaid? What do they actually do to earn their commission? I can understand how in boom times when properties almost sold themselves, that vendors wondered why they need an estate agent to sell their home. During those heady days a good estate agent could help their clients achieve a premium price and…

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