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The Biggest Property Mistake Millennials are Making 

Millennials who delay buying their first home are putting themselves at huge risk of being long-term renters.  But complaining about a lack of affordability isn’t going to get them anywhere: instead, they need to starting turn attitude into action.  Fact is: the number of first-home buyers is dwindling. This is a massive concern, when you…

The hidden traffic impacts of private schooling

In Australia today, just over 40% of secondary school children and almost 30% of primary school children attend a private school. By contrast, in the UK only 7% of children are privately educated. Our research shows not only do more students travel by car to private secondary schools in Australia, their car trips are almost…

How much do you need to buy property in super?

For a while there, it seemed like just about every investor you’d speak to was tapping into their superannuation nest eggs to buy real estate. Seven or eight years ago, as major property markets in Sydney and Melbourne began their last boom cycles, there were four letters on everybody’s lips – SMSF. Self-managed super funds…

First Home Buyers - We should hang our heads!

Lots of absolute toss is written about the first home buyer in Australia. And the commentary varies in the extreme – from how active they are; to how lazy they seem and that they want everything on a silver platter. And now the Federal government has unveiled their scheme to help up to 10,000 first…