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The good news about Australia’s deaths data

Because of Covid, we are thinking a lot about the topic of death. Daily we see the death counts reported. The good news is about Covid-related deaths — we see 35 times fewer deaths per 1 million residents in Australia than there are in the US and Europe. Source: The New Daily So, those super…

15 property investment lessons I learned from Covid

The naysayers and property pessimists were proven wrong. Despite prolonged lockdowns, no immigration, no international students, the threat of high unemployment, and all the negative forecasting for Australian housing markets, the value of many homes around the country grew by more than 20% – or by as much as 30% in some locations – in…

3 charts show how this has been the worst week in consumer spending since Delta

Have you been out spending? Did you take advantage of the Boxing Day sales? Well…apparently most Australians didn’t because they were cautious about being in public places. Consumer spending tanked to lockdown levels accoring to the ANZ Bank who observed that nationally weekly spending for the week to 5 January was at its lowest level…

The longer-term legacy of coronavirus – 9 implications of importance to investors

What are the key longer-term implications flowing from the Coronavirus pandemic? What is the biggest risk for the economy in the current situation? These and other questions were raised and answered by Dr. Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist at AMP in his recent Insight. Here’s what he said…. The…

How did the pandemic affect your household finances?

How have the coronavirus lockdowns and the recession we experienced last year affected your household finances? Have you applied for a mortgage repayment holiday for your home or your investments? Has the pandemic changed your strategy or approach to property investing? These are only some of the Covid-19 related finance questions we recently asked over…

Twelve months of COVID impacts on population

Much as I appreciate the ABS releasing population data every quarter, March and September generally have limited interest for me. This year is different. The release of the March 2021 quarter data means there is now a full year to assess the impact of the international border closure on population change. I’ve blogged previously about…

Working from home, an update

There is quite a range of conjecture at present when it comes to the number of people working from home and whether this trend is going to retain some permeance once we return to some form of normality. I wrote about working from home in the early days of Covid and you can revisit that…

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