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Twelve months of COVID impacts on population

Much as I appreciate the ABS releasing population data every quarter, March and September generally have limited interest for me. This year is different. The release of the March 2021 quarter data means there is now a full year to assess the impact of the international border closure on population change. I’ve blogged previously about…

Working from home, an update

There is quite a range of conjecture at present when it comes to the number of people working from home and whether this trend is going to retain some permeance once we return to some form of normality. I wrote about working from home in the early days of Covid and you can revisit that…

Covid impact: Population growth

This week’s post is about population growth. I usually don’t post about population stuff until December each year as I like to use the stats for the full financial year, but the recent ABS release warrants some commentary as it represents the first full year of Covid-affected population growth. And affected it was. Australia’s population…

What impact will the prolonged lockdowns have on the property market and economy?

Approximately half of Australia’s population is currently in lockdown, and this may continue for another few months until vaccine target levels are reached. I wanted to discuss what impact this may have on the property market and the broader economy. Of course, there are wide-ranging impacts The impact of Covid lockdowns can be wide-ranging. Dealing…

The early indicators of Delta's impact on housing according to Westpac.

How will the Delta Coronavirus impact our housing markets? That was the subject of a recent Westpac Housing Pulse report. Given the lags involved, both for impacts and data collection, Westpac believes it will be several months yet before we get a clear view of how the latest COVID disruptions have impacted our property markets….

Is remote working our new reality in a post-Covid world?

One of the largest shifts we have seen in the past 18 months, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the way we live and work, is the swift new reality of remote working. Covid-19 has changed everything about the way we live and work as stay-at-home orders, social distancing and snap lockdowns force all…

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