5 reasons why the Brisbane property market is set to take off [infographic]

Many commentators suggested Brisbane was going to be the top performing property market in 2014.brisbane australia boats

I’ve recently explained why the Brisbane property market didn’t boom as some expected, but that begs the question: Is the Brisbane market set to take off? recently gave 5 reasons why Brisbane property owners should feel comfortable what’s ahead:

  1. Brisbane’s price growth has been moderate compared to Sydney and Melbourne
  2. Affordability is the best it’s been since 2003
  3. Rental yields are attractive and vacancy rates are low
  4. Volumes of property sales and lending are both increasing
  5. There is no oversupply of housing stock

So will Brisbane property prices keep rising?

Check out the infographic and make up your own mind if Brisbane is in the upswing phase of its property cycle:




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'5 reasons why the Brisbane property market is set to take off [infographic]' have 2 comments

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    December 7, 2014 @ 7:27 pm scott

    I own 2 IP’s in Brisbane. 1 in Loganlea and 1 in Bellbird Park. I have read that it is expected property prices to show significant growth in the inner and middle ring suburbs, but not necessarily in the outer ring suburbs (where mine are located). They are new homes and provide very beneficial tax advantages to me but are they set to see some growth this year or are they a little too far out?


  2. Avatar for Property Update

    December 8, 2014 @ 12:03 pm SHANNON

    Hi Scott,
    Whilst the properties in Loganlea and Bellbird Park will have good depreciation – we must have the right fundamentals for investment too. These properties will underperform for the following reasons.

    They are built in new estates where there is less of a premium of land- the middle and inner rings are built out.

    The investor percentage is too high as they are chasing the depreciation benefits – this leads to more volatility in downturns because many investors sell for a loss during a black swan event.

    Where we see lots of physical growth it rarely leads to capital growth as demand cannot increase as the same pace of supply. As an investor you want limited supply and high demand.

    We pay the full cost of construction so even allowing for depreciation you pay lots of middle men i.e. developer, builder, project sales team etc – these commissions lead to negative equity for the end investor.

    The transport, walkability and employment opportunities in these areas means you have demographics against that dictates the disposable incomes of people in the area and in turn puts a drag on prices.

    Finally not all land is created equal, new sales projects tend to set their own prices but after the estate is sold, the prices compete with nearby existing prices and not the artificial prices in the shiny house and land office.

    I hope that helps – Id be happy to discuss further with a consultation


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