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The Block: Dream kitchens revealed - featured image

The Block: Dream kitchens revealed

It's the well known real estate rule - kitchens sell houses, which makes this one of the most crucial rooms on The Block.

There is so much to look forward to when it comes to kitchen week…  H4 Rm7 Kitchen Sticks Wombat 21

What splash-back will they use?

What will be the point of difference?

Will it be an entertainers kitchen?

What colour pallet will they use?

Not to mention to opportunity to see the latest electrical kitchen gadgets on the market.

Whilst the lead up didn’t disappoint in terms of drama, there were many factors to go 'wow' over.

Style highlights

The minutes I heard Josh and Elyse had changed the orientation of their island bench I knew their kitchen would be a game changer this week, and it would seem the judges agreed. H5 Rm7 Kitchen Josh Elyse 14

There was definitely a lot to love in this room, it's very light and feels incredibly spacious and inviting.

The decision to change the orientation of the island, created an immediate extension of the living space and the outside (fingers crossed the outside will be just as glamorous in the coming weeks).

The little study nook worked perfectly and the consistency of the styling from the living and dinning to this room makes it a great space overall.

In terms of the colour pallet having the combination of dark grey with white gives the room a very luxurious feel. H1 Rm7 Kitchen Jason Sarah 21

I don't quite agree with Sarah and Jason coming in second place this week, but they did have some memorable elements.

The 'marble-look' splash-back they used was lovely and really made the black and metallic elements of their kitchen pop.

The grey extension of their island bench was very much 'on trend' and suits the look and feel of a home in the area.

It terms of a modern bayside kitchens, Ronnie and Georgia certainly created a space that was sleek and stylish.  H3 Rm7 Kitchen Ronnie Georgia 19

The combination of the black appliances gives the room a very luxurious feel and is a great extension of their overall living space.

Having all the appliances in the butler's pantry adds to the functionality of using the grand space without feeling cluttered.

Though this may get mixed reviews, I loved the sleek cook-top on the island - anyone who's ever entertained could see how inclusive that element would feel.

It terms of character and personality - Sticks and Wombat had that in spades with their kitchen this week.

H4 Rm7 Kitchen Sticks Wombat 23

Their signature timber styling continues throughout this room - and it must be said that the craftsmanship was absolutely stunning, and added the most warmth of all the kitchens on The Block.

The timber extension of the island was beautiful and perfect in size, it isn't hard to imagine lazy Sunday breakfast's being enjoyed by a big family.

The room is light and inviting, with glamorous elements that are still true to their style, like the timber wine rack built into the wall.

Where Hannah and Clint lacked in functionality this week, they certainly delivered in styling. H2 Rm7 Kitchen Hannah Clint 171 (1)

The monochrome look of this kitchen was gorgeous and styled beautifully - I particularly liked the detailed addition of the lemon tree which was a lovely pop of colour.

Though it was a shame that the couple missed the mark with their fridge, the addition of the wine fridge below the island looked incredibly stylish and would really appeal to an entertainers home.

The kitchen has a very contemporary look and ties in perfectly with their living space.

Still ahead...

As the houses begin to all tie together the coming weeks should bring as much style as they do drama...

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